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This is the group where all OCs are welcome and recognized!
1. Don't post a story that doesn't contain an OC. A folder labeled Pinkie Pie means the stories in that folder are about Pinkie Pie and someone's OC.
2. Please be nice, that's all I ask. Love and tolerate guys.
So anyway, here you may post any stories that contain your OC, whether they happen to be a background pony or the star of the show.
Also, please check out the threads! There we will discuss everyone's OCs. Ask questions, give general background information, the works.
Have fun, and welcome to Meet The OC's! Now, go mingle!

Twilight Sparkle (and other mane six folders)- Where your OC, as well as a character from the mane six, are both main characters.

All OCs- Stories composed of all, or mostly, OCs. (ex: Fo:E)

Human- A human OC, a human OC turned pony,a pony OC turned human, etc.

Crossover- Where pony characters, or parody characters, are created (Not Doctor Whooves. Any other fabricated fandom ponies accepted).

Shipping- Ship your OC with any cannon or non-cannon character here!

With Background Ponies- Any stories about the background ponies and your OC.

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...Uh...Would you care to tell us who is your OC?

Can anypony help me in nameing a few characters for an upcoming story?

402205 They're unique. A robotic pony...

The OCs on the current group banner are atrocious. :fluttershysad:

Um... I feel really stupid for asking this, But where do I go to post a story to this group?

Heck... IDK if my story is even eligible for this group XD. How do I figure that out XD.

The ocs can't becontand

stupid question?
How do I get to threads?

332866 well, I have an idea, but it's kind of just that. An idea.

I made a blog post describing it, but I don't know how to do links on my phone, so you'll just have to check it out on my user page if you want to read it. :twilightsheepish:

331339 How about describing your character in a city, where they live? that's a good start.:twilightsmile:

Hey guys, I want to do more oc stories, but I don't know where to begin. Any tips? :pinkiehappy:

Hello guy's! I just joined the group

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