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https://discord.gg/FnXwNdM My small MLP discord server. Mostly post i find on pinterest, rants and theories about the show, and the pandemonium of ideas that turns into my story

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  • 6 days

    I'll collect all stories that belong to the Noctirs-continuity here.

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  • 22 weeks
    Story idea

    Maybe it was done already, maybe not, but here's the idea: shining armor and twilight switch places, so he's the younger brother and she's the older sister.
    Every mayor event happens to the other one, so Twilight ends up with cadence, while shining hatches spike and goes to Celestia's school and so on.
    Their personalities, however, stay the same.

    So the AU would mostly be retellings of the episodes with shining armor instead of twilight, showing how his personality might change things

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  • 25 weeks
    Merry Christmas

    To the few people reading this, merry Christmas, happy holidays

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  • 25 weeks
    What if Luna is broken because of her banishment?

    Something I just realized, but the banishment probably broke something in Luna. Not just the fact that her sister did it, but what it means. Luna rebelled because she thought she deserved more recognition for her work with rasing the moon, but that whole thing just showed her how unimportant and irrelevant and meaningless it all is. Celestia can just take over both sun and moon and does both jobs equally good. Equestria did just fine for 1000 years without Luna governing the Dream Realm. She

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  • 26 weeks
    Nocturnal art

    If I make art tieing into the story, I'll be posting it here. If anyone else makes fanart, feel free to share it here as well. Also, every (constructive) comment is greatly appreciated :pinkiehappy:

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Noctris-Verse · 8:46pm 6 days ago

I'll collect all stories that belong to the Noctirs-continuity here.

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Obsi #18 · April 2nd · · ·

Cool^^ muss nur sehen dass zeit da is, es würde meinem boss wohl nicht gefallen wenn ichs in der Arbeitszeit mache

Cool. Ist einfacher über Discord zu reden, falls du Lust hast. Link ist in meinem bio

Hast du discord?

Allerdings nicht ^^
Ich wünschte so sehr dass es eine Fallout Equestria rollenspielgruppe in meiner Nähe gäb...

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