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Anything in which a character or characters face different than normal circumstances, eg. vampirism, blindness ect.

The new wording of this group makes it far more encompassing than similar groups such as Transformations, permitting plot devices like body sharing, which wouldn't be considered a true transformation, but still is a forced and alternate perspective on life.

Rules for submitting:
Character(s) must either be changed into these circumstances, or not realising them/ hiding.
Other than the above, no rules.

Classification Elaboration:
Disability: a character is born with, or gains a disability, eg. Blindness.
Size: a character's size is changed from what would be considered normal.
Vampire: a character gains, or reveals vampiric nature.
Ghost/Spirit: a character dies, and doesn't quite leave this world.
Changeling: a character is born unwittingly as a changeling in disguise, or has been in disguise for a very long time.
Alicorn: a character gets all three pony races for the price of one.
New Species: Something along the lines of Pony -> Human, or Griffon -> Diamond dog, etc.
Body Swap: two characters trade bodies.
Body Sharing: one character' mind gets crowded with multiple characters, but are real.
Psychological/ Existential: a character dreams up parts of their life, or are forced to learn terrible truths.
Other: Put stuff here, and if a subject gets popular enough, it'll gain it's own folder! But only if you badger me.

NOTE: vampires/ werewolves do not count as new species. Pony archetype changing is, however, acepted as new species as long as it does not fall into the body swap category.

Heavily under work abandoned. Go figure. Message me if you like this group and want to be a moderator for it, as abandoning a ~200 member group is irresponsible.

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What’s the Main folder for?

This group description gives me inspiratioooooon~ :rainbowwild::yay::pinkiehappy:

Hello everybody,
I just added Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Spike forcefully changes into a grown up version of himself.
Hope you enjoy.

Wow. This has grown fast :rainbowderp:

Onit with a carbonnet!

Can you please remove Maternal Instinct from the Changeling folder? I did not udnerstand the requirements.

Huh, just saw that my Justice Itself story had been added. Well...surprise surprise. I'm assuming its Tyrael's taking pony form and his adjusting to it.

Nice to have my story in a group then.

Wow Not Lot of People are Here

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