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The Mind/Body Swapping Group, where all your mind/body swapping desires can and will be met! This is for anyone interested in the likes of ponies swapping, collecting, or gaining minds in fiction form. Whether it's the traditional mind swap between multiple ponies, ponies sharing one body, or ponies going all FUSION HAH! and becoming one entity and mind and stuff, you can find it here!

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You're in luck :ajsmug:

I wish more stories were wrote for this group

Are Equestria Girls fanfics acceptable here or only ponies?

Technically, you could, but it would be a really dumb story. "Oh no, we swapped minds and bodies, and now we're exactly the same as before! NOOOOO!" lol:rainbowlaugh:

348737 I knew what you meant. It wasn't confusing. I was just trolling around.

I found it funny that a story that would do both mind and body swapping wouldn't be eligible for this group (since they would both still have the same mind and body as before).

No, they mean the same thing. It's just two different ways of saying that they've swapped. Sorry if that was a bit confusing.:pinkiecrazy:

So, if two ponies swap their minds AND their bodies, is it still a mind/body swapping or is it just quantum position exchange? :trollestia:

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