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The Gender Swap Group!

A group for fiction in which one or more of the characters experiences a "Gender Swap" of some kind.

We allow ALL types of Gender Swap fiction regardless of the method: Transformation, Body Swap, Mind Swap, Possession, etc.

Any type you want as long as it has one character winding up as the "Sex or Gender" they weren't originally. Male to Female, or Female to Male.

Allowed: Gender swaps, this means any character who was one sex/gender winding up as another sex/gender. Ex: A male human finding themselves as a female pony. Or a Female Pony finding herself as a Male Pony. NSFW Fiction is allowed

Not Allowed: Rule 63 in which the characters always thought that they were the sex/gender they are. Ex: A Male Twilight in a rule 63 universe who always thought she was male.

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Someone need to make two flies names female to male and male to female please.

I'm writing a fic where one of the characters can switch between male and female at will.

Does that work for this group?

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