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You will learn nothing of me by reading this, but you will read it all the same... You did didn't you? You sick monster.

About me

Founder of the PETC or the Ponies for the Ethical Treatment of Changelings. It is my belief that the worst an Author can do, is not finish his/her work.

Name: [Redacted]
Gender: [Don't care enough]
Age: [Redacted]
Birth: January, first, 1993 [Buy me something.]
Country of Origin: U.S.
Likes: Nightmare Moon! Chrysalis and other Changelings
Dislikes: Authors who have unfinished stories and NEVER finish them.

To do list: Make a changeling OC (My OC) [X]
Have my OC featured in a story ======== [X]
Have my OC referenced in a story ====== [X]
Have a story idea accepted by a writer === [ ]
Write own story ==================== [X]
Co-Write story ===================== [X]
Start stalking 5 writers =============== [X]
Start stalking 10 writers ============== [X]
Start stalking 25 writers ============== [X]
Start stalking 50 writers ============== [X]
Start stalking over 100 writers ========= [ ]
stalk everyone ================== [Nope]

Most of the time I'm like this...

But at times of intense gaming I feel like this...

Who is best Pony? Luna is best pony, here have a Luna on the house.

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Much appreciated for the watch, kind sir!



I will leave the next couple of chapters to answer those questions, I can assure you one thing though They need help.

Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

1980930 He board every one to death with his lecture... except Twilight, but she was taken care of easily enough.

But, can he get out of the city and... can Skipper take care of the broken changeling?


Thank you for favoring from biochemistry with love, may I ask what did you like most about it?

Thanks for the watch. :yay:

*pops in* Hello!

1781878 In your story or in Kingdom Hearts? In the game, he felt like he should have been king of the Heartless, or maybe he was before Ansum kick him off his thrown. Your story, he's interesting to say the least.

So what do you think of Phantom?

1781754 Yes, I am. It was a great game.

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