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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.


Hi there, my name's Abel, I'm the new changeling on the block.
Been living in Ponyville for three years. Been here a year before Twilight and managed to make a name for myself as a darn good accountant that goes by the name of Balanced Books.
Even got along with each of the Bearers pretty well. Well enough that Twilight decided to invite me along for her brother's wedding.
Getting past that shield the first time wasn't fun. Figuring out the plot behind the wedding, also not fun.
Did I happen to mention that any and all changelings who are NOT a part of Chrysalis' Hive Mind have a VERY good reason to hate her? Me moreso than most?
Yeah, that was torture.
Now all I have to do is explain to the bucking princessess about my true nature and pray to, well, them, that I'll be allowed to return to my life as Books.
Wish me luck, my interrogator is here.
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Quick witted,Quick to find ways out,But still has good morals?....Celestia,Say hello to your new Spymaster

I'm enjoying it the third chapter i find has been written better than the last two or I'm just tired.

He shall get no shortage of ribbing from dash about being on his 'period'

honestly the mc talks a little to much and the dialogue isnt very interesting either at times. It reads almost like a list of his powers or accomplishments, and the little flash backs kind of help but not enough to completly compensate for the issue.

I really like this guy, but my only critique is that he's a bit too OP. He needs something that works as a legit threat to him, something that even all his planning isn't going to work for him, that the other ponies will need to save him from.

That being said, I do enjoy that this guy loves the Xanatos Gambit. I'm still sticking with you to see where this goes. :pinkiesmile:

Well...yeah. I noticed it too. Then again, the next few chapters are setting up a backstory for him. So uh...hope you like talking! But after that, we'll get into the good stuff.
Namely a small interlude, a fight scene, and then we'll have some Season Three goodness.
Oh, don't worry, he has limits. I'll touch on them soon, in the next few chapters. And if you still need clarification after that, well, I suppose I can touch on them a bit more.

Soo, what happened to Discord?
Btw, this chapter is probably your best one yet!

Well the rest of that episode proceeded normally. But when Abel met Discord, well...
"Brave Sir Robin ran away. Bravely ran away, away..."
Granted, Abel would probably die if he were to absorb all the magic that makes up Discord.
But Discord actually felt threatened because something could hurt him beyond the Elements.
So he figured distance was his best option.

I think I will enjoy this. Like and fave.:pinkiehappy:

A decision to scream in terror and flee like a little girl.:rainbowlaugh:

So he's a human reborn as an albino changeling. Interesting. Let's see how you handle this.

Twilight's part of the Hive Mind now? Oh boy, she's going to pester the shit out of him.

Like she wasn't going to already!
But first, methinks a certain Sun Diarch will be most displeased...

Aww.....He could have done the mouth of a Xenomorph.....That would have been better.....And it could have licked her muzzle......Because.....Yeah

3753382 Well, it was Twilights own fault, so she can't really punish him for her students mistake.

Great chapter
Really like the back story.
Does this mean that twilight is also connected to the other changlings in the hive?

I'm enjoying it so far. Eagerly awaiting more!

I'm enjoying it so far. Eagerly awaiting more!

But seriously good chapter

Yeah, I don't think Gilda would sound so… eloquent. Otherwise, yeah, not bad. Still sticking with you big guy.

And shit hits the fan. Or is about to, at least.

Black Queen threatens White King, Check
I see what you did there. Nice

Erm......I suck badly at chess.......

The flame that burns twice as bright,Burns half as long

Soo, how does this whole human thing fit into the picture?

But consider this: Abel had twenty years in the forest to work on his mannerisms, and three in Ponyville.
He's worked out quite a few.
But oh me oh my, we WILL be seeing some. Probably soon.
Assuming we can put humpty dumpty back together again.

3764403 So far, I've assumed that Abel was a human who somehow was born again as a changeling with his memories intact. Which explains how the hell he could do what he did on his first day alive.

But you're saying that actual humans will be joining the story in the nearby future?

Gooooood. You're on the right track.
But I love to keep a twist hidden up my sleeve. Such as how he got here.
And until the next chapter is out, that's all you're getting from me!

3764429 Perhaps it has something to do with Chrysalis's molding of her offspring.
If she wanted her child to be really intelligent and know a lot of stuff, she could've thought to use a being who fit that bill and forced his or her consciousness into the child before birth.
If my guess is true, that leaves the question. How long did he live inside the egg/belly(It would be freaky as hell to remember ones own birth and before), and what happened to the original changeling?

3764445 maybe when he absorbed the hive mind it altered his memory of the past

What happenned to Chrysalis remind me of the last book of the Inheritance serie, did you read it?

3765766 That wouldn't explain how he even knew of the archive to begin with, or understand the language of those trying to kill him, or even the intent of their actions.

Goshdarnit, shush!
Y'all will GET your answers regarding what makes up Abel.
In fact, I planned an interlude regarding that in the near future.

Seems like typical Twilight to waste time before going to the likeliest source of a good answer.
"Lets bring a pony doctor who has no idea what he is doing"

actually hs0003 all things considered at least they had a confirmed medical diagnosis of what is wrong and what to do the doc did say he would need to use spells seeing as he cant bleed it off thus leading to that whole tanget we are no on

also good work so far Thadius0 really enjoying this tale

I'm sorry, this was so serious, and then "Dr. Feelgood." I laughed.

Damn, that is the second time Twilight fucked up in what? 2 minutes?
Anywho, so now Abel is stuck in human form?


"Allow the salve to rest on his chitin overnight, and no longer will he look like he lost the world's largest fight."


Just a full-fledged changeling king now, who has to hurry to make all the changes he wants to his base form before it settles!

"I'm sorry twilight but your changeling friend is fucked."
- Dr.Feelgood ,2014

I always love mindscape chapters!
They always give you a real abstract vision of the characters true persona.

It must be hard writing for Zecora. Anyway, this chapter was ok, a bit short for my tastes, but whatever. I wonder if Abel's going to have trouble shrinking himself down to Balanced Books.

Hmm. The effects of his painkiller regimen are still ongoing, and he doesn't know exactly when his new gland will kick in and make shifting painless...
...Yeah, I could have fun with this...
Not now, though. Maybe in a chapter or two.

To be fair.
I'm pretty sure there's an escape clause in his doctoral vows somewhere that allows him to not feel guilt over saying that.
Probably something along the lines of, 'I promise to do the best I can to make sure nopony is harmed while in my care.'

Remember: It's only as real as you make it out to be.

damn cliffhangers X3 now i cant wait for the next chapter

Eh, you'll get another one tomorrow.
I have to think about whether I want to go straight to Season 3 afterwards or not, though.
Why don'tcha help me make up my mind?

Soo, how much of the doctors timeline does Abel know?

The better question is:
How much is applicable?

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