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Welcome to the Power Lottery Group !
Here are the Hie story where humans have powers given by the power lottery challenge site.
The rules :
-power given by the power lottery challenge only.
-no almighty power please.
-Limit to 5 powers per people.
-also other normal forum rules.
Enjoy !

(The power lottery challenge is here)

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Would someone please explain how powerful a person would be with Mystical Mutation, Dominant Genetics, Child Prodigy, Prime Being & Enhanced Instincts; accordingly to their Capabilities, Applications & Limitations.

Can you please describe a guy's powers with the combination of Alchemy, Biological Magic & Exotic Technology?

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted August 2nd

Thanks for that!:twilightsmile:

How about this then? I guy with Greater Immunity, Intuitive Precognition & Supernatural Properties Manipulation would also be a anti-hero in a human version of equestria.

(It's a combination of THIS and THIS)

I think it would better described as an anti-hero, while you would be saving people it would be for your own benefit rather than your safety. And depending on what happens you could basically even make it where your character can us the lower classes to over throw the rulers by pretending to be the hero they need. Always keep those who got you in charge close and keep up the mask with the country you overthrow and you could even create a more powerful Celestia's rule. Since you could even set yourself up as the embodiment of nature, while you also show charity to those who have bad luck. Even doing something not even sun butt couldn't try and turn the badlands to a land of green.

Ok, lets try this then; can you describe a guy with Chivalry, Plant Enhancement & Tactical Genius entered an anthro equestria? and tell me, would this guy be a good guy or a bad guy?

(Inspired by THIS)

The first thing that comes to my mind is the flood from Halo since they mutate anyone their spores infect and have a hive mind.

How would you describe a guy with Mutant Physiology, Hive Senses & Infestant Spores trying to take over Equestria? If you were that guy with those powers, how would you try to take over a kingdom?

Alright then, can you describe a guy who ends up in this Equestria with Conjuration, Tactical Genius & Corruption Infusion becomes the anti-hero and take over? If you were that guy with those powers, how would you try to take over a kingdom?

A man who uses life to fuel his magic when he is running low that can turn armies either to his side or make them go inward itself. I see a man that never has to worry about having an army trying to overthrow his rule if he is a ruler. Though his looks well there are so many chooses and alien is such a vague term your character could look like anything.

Then can you describe a guy's powers with Alien Mage Physiology, Life Absorption and Army Manipulation?

Comment posted by Torulf21 deleted July 14th

So a technology mage, with an charming that you will basically give him or her your pants, and the strong influence quickly spreading to turn them against their once allies or help spread your influence even faster the more followers you gain.

Can you imagine a guy use Digital Magic, Overwhelming Influence & Contagious Influence to fight against the anthro Alicorn Princesses and their kingdoms?

I see, well I like the normal one better.

Seems about right though I'm not sure which personality would be worse the abridged version of Anderson or the normal one.

Not a bad answer, imagine Alexander Anderson with this look, pretty huh?(snickering)

Why is it the first thing I think of is a more powerful Anderson from Hellsing Ultimate who can use holy magic, heal using tech, and can defeat basically all unholy monsters along with plenty of long range attacks with tech and magic.

Do you think you can imagine a guy with Magitek Physiology, Spiritual Technology & Supernatural Priest Training fighting Equestria in self-defence for his innocence?

Tell me, what would you do if you end up on a island with Reptilian Physiology(Marine iguana), Sea Monster Manipulation, Barbarianism, Magic Immunity & Self-Resurrection and Equestria is ruled by the Alicorns who are surrounded by xenophobic anthro ponies?

I would have been like Euron Greyjoy who use the sea monsters to form my own kingdom of pirates.

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