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Welcome to the Power Lottery Group !
Here are the Hie story where humans have powers given by the power lottery challenge site.
The rules :
-power given by the power lottery challenge only.
-no almighty power please.
-Limit to 5 powers per people.
-also other normal forum rules.
Enjoy !

(The power lottery challenge is here)

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Will do, thanks for the help.

If you want more, please let me know.:twilightsmile:

That sounds interesting

Okay, here is a guy with
Pegasus Physiology
Fire Soul
Holy Gift
who ended up in this Equestria, this idea is inspired by Thoros of Myr. What do you think?

Eh, one more couldn’t hurt. Then that’ll be good.

Not bad, if you imagine a character with these powers it would make sense. Shall I provide more suggestions or do you feel like you had enough?

That does sound like it would be interesting. I tried my own hand at rolling for powers.

Cursed Physiology
Prehensile Bones

With it he’s basically Kimimaro from Naruto.

Okay, here are -
Unicorn Physiology
Child Prodigy
Enhanced Surveillance
These powers combined in a person who is reborn into Equestria as an anthro unicorn.

This idea is inspired by these two videos.

Well I’ll definitely be filing this character away for later, I think that both options can work well. And sure, go ahead. I’ll never say no to more power sets.

Would you like me to give you more power options?

What I had in mind is that person with those powers would have the humanized version of this Griffin, with the size of Gregor Clegane and the fighting prowers of Guts.

I can definitely see something like that, where he’s getting used to controlling and coming to terms with his newfound madness/anger. Also I do love the Lancelot from the Fate Series, so it was a happy surprise seeing him when I clicked on that power.

Well then, how about this?; can you imagine a guy with -
Griffin Physiology
Large Size
Berserker Physiology
Ended up in an anthro Equestria?

Sounds like a good idea to me. Luckily I play dnd so making up a character shouldn’t be toooo difficult.

So how about this then: I will give you a few power suggestions for you to say if it's good or bad. And if you need to you can read some of my own stories for inspirations, how's that sound?

Yeah, that sounds like it would be wonderful

Maybe I can help you, give you a few tips. What do you say?

Hello, how is everyone doing? I’ve been hoping to do a power lottery story for awhile but don’t know how to get started.

Is anyone interested in another Power Lottery Question of mine?

So, is ultipotence almighty? It’s just omnipotence, but you can’t pull knowledge out of nowhere, I imagine it would be, i mean, there’s a HUGE limitation on it, you gotta know what your doing, for example, your making an apple, but how? What’s the structure for it, what’s it made of, something like that, but sometimes it’s only complicated things, even still, you have passive powers, ultimate invincibility, which is WAY too op, but could I take it out and leave my character without certain things?

  • Viewing 179 - 198 of 198
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