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Welcome to the Power Lottery Group !
Here are the Hie story where humans have powers given by the power lottery challenge site.
The rules :
-power given by the power lottery challenge only.
-no almighty power please.
-Limit to 5 powers per people.
-also other normal forum rules.
Enjoy !

(The power lottery challenge is here)

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I'll let you decide that. Now what I mean with anything else is not just this monster-infused/infestation/special Ops Mastery, I also meant other power sets that I have made. Are any of them interesting to you?

The infestation part of his power, what does it do is it helping with the infused monster or is it something completely different. Such as be something that helps improve them such as a semiotic relationship or is it more of one of his downfalls such as how if your strength gets to low it can take control of your character.

Correct! Anything else that has peaked your interest?

Ah so being that has blend almost completely change physically but has been able to keep their mentality together. Depending on what you want him to be infected with you could have traits of the species. Either dramatically, or slowly looking like it's taking over them. Depending on the monster he is infused with it could go almost completely unnoticed. If the monster is something like a vampire or a lower tier of demon.

A guy with monster-infused/infestation/special Ops Mastery is meant to be like Alexei Stukov, similar but different.

Yeah, I have looked through a few of them already. The new combination I got is a bit hard to stop I think.
Possibility Manipulation
Elemental Merging
Also depending on what monster mutated you have for the monster-infused/infestation/special Ops Mastery it would me hard to describe the person.

If you are bored, then maybe to can look at my previous suggestions and give them your explanation. What do you think?

Yeah I have had some insane combinations I'm usually messing around with it seeing what random combinations I can get when I'm bored.

Not a bad idea, it would make a guy look like the "King of Swamps".

Hey, how good does this seem for a power set.
Hydrokinetic Creature Creation
Magic Wave Emission
Wetland Creation
While overpowered it seems like a very good defensive build.

Can anybody imagine a guy with
Dragon Manipulation
end up in World of Ponies: The Rise of Change? How would the whole story go?

If a guy landed on A Lich Of Metal And Souls world and he possess
Mummy Lord Physiology
Ultimate Vision
Supernatural Swordsmanship
Exotic Technology
Power Dilution
What would his adventures be like?
P.S. He is far more vengeful, stubborn and determined than the main character there.

That dosen't answer my question. What would his adventures be like?

P.S. He have Edward's aggressive napoleon complex - Eren's lack of self-restraint - Gut's savagery. But he have all their virtues.

Anyone in that situation would be ecstatic

How about this then. What if he fell into
1. The Darkest Shadows are in the Mind
2. I hate this world
3. Not from round here
4. special spa treatment: human edition
5. A World of Nudist Mares
world. What would the guy's adventures be like?

Remember, he's like Edward Elric, Eren Yeager and Guts; please try to follow their traits as you imagine the guy's behaviour.

he would probably team up with sir Alonne and create new Armour and weapons for him but who knows the could fight destroying everything in their path luna would have trouble doing anything to the new guy and he would be at a stand still with sir Alonne I can only imagine the destruction and the with the marsupial physiology he could survive colder temperatures but this won't come in to play unless he goes to the crystal empire

P.S. this writing has gone on for 3 pages

Then when you have time tell me this. A guy with
Special Ops Mastery
Self-Power Augmentation
Marsupial Physiology
Oneiric Immunity
fell down on Sir Alonne Equestria. How would he fare, what would he do?

And his alchemy is both THIS and THIS.

His personality is like Edward Elric, Eren Yeager and Guts.

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