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Lebanese Ph.D candidate who practice martial arts, piano playing, languages learning, fan fiction writing. And no, I am seriously not making any of that up.

Stories lists

These are lists of all the stories I have, or had, been working on detailing those important enough and those who didn't make it:

High priority stories:

These are the stories I am actively working on right now.

Quest for Earth Pony Magic: the Disciple
Dragon's Tale: City of Darkrise
From Biochemistry with Love

Medium priority stories:

These are the stories that are getting worked on occasionally, but not actively.

I will kill you yet, Discord!
Craziest Second Generation
The Rise of Nightmare

Finished and Shameless:

Stories that are done and will no longer look at them.

A Day with Spike the Dragon

Stories I Reviewed:

Done reviewing those:

Rage Review: 120 Days of Blueblood part 1/3 [uncensored] {you have been warned}; Part 2; Part 3

Stories Under Review:

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not done with those:

Rage Review: that story with the ludicrously long title about Shining Armor having a child with Chrysalis when he had sex with her before the wedding and question if that counts as cheating on his wife. Part 1

Stories I am proofreading:

I'm open for requests. However I will ask that you proofread one of my stories in return.

Currently none.

My own stories

All time Favorites

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One day perhaps, but not in the foreseeable future, unfortunately. Gone were the days where I can sit through a full afternoon and write.

Is there any possibility of you coming back in the future to write?

I loved your story, "From Biochemistry with Love", and... well..
It would be a huge shame to see it just disappear...


Your point being?

dead page, move along people.


My real name.

  • Viewing 107 - 111 of 111
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