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You walk through massive door inside a tree made out of the purest crystal. The new castle of Ponyville leaves you in awe when you gaze upon this magnificent structure that only magic and no hooves could craft. Walking around the place, you stumble upon a massive library with collection so big, that it could rival that of Canterlot's Royal Library. When countless piles of books enter your vision, with the corner of your eye you notice a purple mare making her way towards you.

"Hello, my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, if you are here to read a book you can find them in their bookshelves, all sorted out. We also accept books if you have some to spare, I'm sure that other ponies will be happy to read them." She spoke cheerfully, before trotting towards the nearby desk to fetch a file of papers. "Here are the rules, if you have any questions you can ask my assistant, Spike."

Looking from the paper, you notice Twilight's sparkling eyes and you can instantly tell that she is delighted that you visited this place. "I'm really happy to welcome you here, please make yourself at home and I wish you a good lecture." with those words she trotted away, leaving you to do whatever you wish.

Strange message:

As you walk through the castle library and browse the books, on one of the bookshelves you notice a little message written down on the wood. Such act of vandalism shouldn't take place in a royal place like this but it makes you curious so you decide to read what is written there.

Here's how I had it worked out---- Spike was actually raised by Celestia while Twilight was her student. Dragons are all mysterious to ponies. They don't really know much about them and had never seen a baby one before so Celestia took on the challenge herself. While raising him, she was able to train him to do that whole magic letter sending thing, and Celestia put the two together knowing that would come in handy one day. Plus, Twilight hatched him, so it was only fair to let her stay in his life.

I don't know if a different back story will ever be revealed so, as always, my ideas shouldn't be considered canon.

Lauren F.

Upon finishing, you slowly process the new information and somehow you feel that it will come in handy one day.


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I understand that completely. It's been a long time since I wrote ponies. Maybe I should get back into writing. Just been busy with work.

You and me both mate, you and me both :ajsmug: I'm proud how this group actually grew up, only regret is not having enough time to work on it more :twilightoops:

Oh gods kill me, it's been forever and I'm one of it's creators!


I have a spike x twilight fic if you wanna know
but unfortunately I can not post to the site because I do not know your language

And truer words were never spoken! Twispike 4ever :twilightsmile: Besides surrogate little brother still isn't blood related :moustache:

Even with today's episode establishing Spike as an honorary brother, I won't let that stop me from being a TwiSpike shipper.

Some changes made to the group, you might notice 23 stories missing, mostly because there were duplicates :pinkiehappy: No longer an issue

I like the twilight narrator. its funny sometimes

Oh dear... I accidentaly added my story into the wrong group! :twilightoops:

Ain't that cute? Spike has a seat next to Twilight in the jedi council. :pinkiehappy:

352269 Sorted out and placed in right group... I'll really need to upgrade brother/sister or mother/son folders, there is just too much chaos with current subfolder setup.:twilightsheepish:

I think It falls under the mother and son category.
You'll see why when you read It. :moustache:

352076 By my guess it would either fall under Brother/Sister or Mother/Son category, but I haven't read it yet to add it. I'll see what I can do.:twilightsmile:

The story, "Spike Comes Out" feels like It should be in this, because I didn't see It anywhere here.

It's a little late but...WE HAVE 101 MEMBERS! Wooohooo!

:twilightsmile: Spike get the cake!
:moustache: Right away! <salutes, before dashing towards the kitchen>

*see a now spilight group, check it wondering if it usefull to join two times a group with the same objectif
*read the presentation, see how much though has been used to make it fun and roleplay
*decide to join
congratulation :twilightsmile:

339421 I know right? Wanted to post it earlier but had no clue how to add it so it would look natural :twilightsheepish:

339092 Nope :eeyup: Twilight's library focuses on fanfics in general, we focus more on fanfics that show Spike and Twilight's relationship (not all fanfics that have either Spike or Twilight or both) :twilightsmile:

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