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05.05.2019 - Creating new story titled: Root of Discharmony. Spilight as usual with a touch of Fluttercord and a sprinkle of Cheesepie ;) 4/26 Chapters done :D


Real Name: Marcin O...
Age: Born July 18 1987
Gender: Male
Eye color: Blue-Grey
Favorite color: Purple
Country: Poland
Finished studies: Psychology & Pedagogy
Hobby: Reading, Writing, Cooking, Researching new shows/books/games. Working, Meditation, Researching normal mystical knowledge like self-healing, aura fields, OOBE, lucid dreaming etc.
Collects: I like collecting gemstones. (Maud would be proud seeing my rocks!)
Like: Improving myself, unexpected and unpredictable people, sweets, snowboarding, dueling with swords, ASG.
Dislike: Boring internet trolls, schematic and boring people, 'plastic' people that care about looks, Magic and any kind of 'spiritual rituals and prayers'.
Job: Lead writer for my own game developing company.
Civil status: Unmarried (who cares anyway?!)
Favorite Genres: Adventure, Dark, Romance
Best Pony: Twi!
Best dragon: Spike!
Favorite CMC: Applebloom!
Best Villain: Chrysalis/Discord. Can't decide.
Worst Villain: Sombra...
Worst Pony: Flash Sentry
Favorite ships:

My honest viewpoint about reviews: I appreciate all of them, however there is clear difference if somepony who posted one is a writer or not. If you are saying what I wrote is a complete crap and you haven't even created a story yourself...don't expect me to care about your hollow words.

Art of night: A special type of fics which I write really late in the night when imagination works at 100%. Those usually take 5 nights, are upgraded over and over and end up with the highest level of skill I can muster.

Why my stories don't have images: I'm lazy and I don't care. I write words not draw pretty images!

My stories!

Welcome to my profile page!

Hi there, I'm glad you took your time to check out my profile page, it means that I have either interested you somehow or pissed you off...I hope its the first one!

Anyway, feel free to browse here as much as you like and I also recommend to you the group I'm administrating:

The group isn't strictly for shipping, it archives every fic that includes BOTH Spike & Twilight in some kind of relationship, not necessarily romantic one!

“What’s your name?” the color wight asked.

Kip swallowed, thinking he should probably run away.

“Oh, for Orholam’s sake, you think I’m going to hex you with your name? How ignorant is this backwater? That isn’t how magic—”


The color wight grinned. “Kip. Well, Kip, have you ever wondered you were stuck in such a small life? Have you ever gotten the feeling, Kip, that you’re special?”

Kip said nothing. Yes, and yes.

“Do you know why you feel destined for something greater?”

“Why?” Kip asked, quiet, hopeful.

“Because you’re an arrogant little shit.” The color wight laughed.

Brent Weeks - Black Prism, Chapter 1

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How are ya?

Thank you for being a spylight .
I love this couple very much and it insisted on doing my fics in my country, after all there are none of them here, having only one I did

Wouldn't call myself any king, many people are waaaaay better than me :fluttershysad: But I aim to please all mares and colt out there :moustache: That said, tidying up would be needed, though from what I have seen, I am actually amazed how tidy this place is even though I was absent for a long time. Guess my initial planning how to divide fiction paid off :twilightsmile:

Hahaha. Thatta boy. Whip that place back into order?

The king of TwiSpike coming back to write some more? Don't get my hopes up :p

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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