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Hello, and welcome to the SpikeDash group.

This is a group for all shippings of Spike x Rainbow Dash, because you just don't get epicness like that in any other pairing. You just don't. So come and add a fic you've seen, or even better, write a new SpikeDash for us all to enjoy. Feel free to start a discussion in the forum, such as how can SpikeDash be so epic, or why the world hasn't drowned in awesome-sauce due to the very idea of such an epic ship.

SpikeDash is best ship, if you couldn't already tell. :raritywink:

Credit for the image used in the banner goes to Noben over on DeviantArt.

Also be sure to check out the SpikeDash group over on DeviantArt for even more SpikeDash awesomeness! :rainbowkiss:

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Miss this place!

Spike x Rainbow Dash (aka The Mane 6) for life!!!!!!:moustache::rainbowwild:

Just joined. I basically ship Spike with every member of the Mane 6. Humanized or not humanized. Clop or no clop. Extreme mushy love or no extreme mushy love.

I am definitely going to write a fanfiction of these two! I need a plot, and lot's of time though. Hm, maybe I'll start tomorrow since I have no school due to a continuous blizzard! :D

Add me please my Skype name is: Ahrisflames

Hey Everypony, come join the new group, Spike's Girls!! The group for all spike shipping's, big and small.

Well, well... I see Dash is horny again :rainbowderp: :moustache:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


This ship rules. :) I might write a Spikedash story someday.

Hello I've read many of this ships stories and i really like them

I just want to say: HAPPY THANKSGIVING :yay: (oh, and happy birthday to me :pinkiehappy:). That is all.

Hello! Welcome to the group.

Hai Everpony! I'm New :3

Comment posted by SpikeGames deleted Nov 24th, 2014

Lol. 420 member blaze it.


My lazy photoshopping skills. :rainbowlaugh: I'll get one commissioned soon enough.

Like the new background image :pinkiehappy:

376752 thanks... i think im gona like it here...


Congratulations, and thanks for joining. :rainbowkiss:

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