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Hi there! Thanks for stopping on my page! Read "Crusader Saviors" my new book! I am pretty sure you will like it... Feel free to comment or ask any questions! Thanks again! ^-^

The Character Appearances in Strawtopia Novel

Manela the Bridesmaid and Keeper of The Baby

Lakamba The Griffon Bandit

Peyrosa The Evil Queen of The Earthia Land

The Pegacorn Prince

Fanique The King of The Pegastopia Island

Carissa The Queen of Monocornia Land

Ginger Ale (OC)

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Want to become a good author? Join my patreon. · 10:40am October 1st

Hi guys, my purpose and interest are to share my writing examples and techniques with you and how you can become a better writer to reach even 2k readers in common places with your first qualified story that you will write with me. What can we do together? Barks* What can't we do together? There is nothing but a good idea and imagination combination to end up the best in series of events of a story. So I need, as doggos to unite and improve together to amaze our family, friends and our future

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the rating of this story is over 9 thousand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1927648 Gurren Lagann and MLP, how is it not glorious?


1927644 Hi! Cool profile picture! :rainbowdetermined2:

Just saying Hi.




Thanks guys a lot. I hope you like it. Thank you also for your appreciation. Love you all! :twilightsmile:

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