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New year, new name, maybe new stories. Who knows."

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A box of stuff you probably wouldn't care about.

Hello everybody that in habits the fictional world of Equis. My name is Colt Joe here but I am better known as Okami Joe on other sites. I think it's time for y'all to know a bit about this wolf who poses as a pony. First off, I am a very slow updater and writer in general due to many things going on in my life. Secondly, I'm a hip hop artist, writer, producer, blogger, and annual artist. So yeah I'm constantly distracted. Finally but surely not last for this damn thing, I hail from many different fandoms and they tend to clash. So expect possibly many crossover fanfics.

I think that's good enough. I'm Okami Joe and I'll look forward to some messages.


I know you all may be thinking... · 3:44pm Sep 6th, 2015

CJ! CJ! What happened to "The Dragonborn Comes?" Why couldn't you stay consistent with "The Dragonborn Comes?"

Bitch I woulda done it, if life didn't smack me in the face so hard that I pushed ponies and Skrim to the back on my head.

Fuck it, a new challenger approaches!

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Heya, thanks so much for the watch! :D

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thanks for the follow:pinkiehappy:

Hey, thanks for the follow! :heart: What prompted you to do so? :twilightblush:

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