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We've all seen stories where Nightmare Moon is used, once more, as the main villain, or a major villain. But what about the few where Nightmare turns out to be the hero?

The methods are irrelevant. Whether she's a co-ruler who's not liking the tyranical road her sister is taking, or was somehow turned from a monster into a good character, or just a tyrant herself who's working with the Mane 6 to take down a bigger threat, the common theme is that she's in the hero's post, if only temporarily.

Any and all people can post stories here, but please make sure that the post sticks to the idea.

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what is Nightmare Moon weapons

Sorry for the late reply, but as I said in the description "... or just a tyrant herself who's working with the Mane 6 to take down a bigger threat". So yes.

Well Nightmare Moon was just missunderstood because wanted attention
, and unapreciated .
So if only one person appreciate her She would not be that bitter just more powerful .
And Nigtmare Moon looks cool awsome colour , skin ,coat .
She just looks awsome in my opinion and needs a little understandind and nudge in other direction .

Having her on the protagonist's side, but not a typical, perfectly moral hero counts too, right?

Wait... Nightmare Moon? As in, THE Nightmare Moon, the one that got banished, THAT Nightmare Moon, A GOOD GUY?! Well, I suppose ponies can change.

Is a "good" Nightmare Moon as a supporting character enough to qualify for the group? In my story she's co-ruler of Equestria along with Celestia and filly Luna.

I'll get back to you guys in a few month. Season 5 finale gave me a few ideas.

Members of The Hero...Nightmare Moon??? Group,
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I'm thinking this group is going to be neat. So far I can only think of one story that's done this. I'm looking forward to finding more.

374410 words random words

356910 her magestus mate aneone seen her arond this won't end well but I want to prank her

i am the cause of nightmare moon

We need a The Hero... Tirek? group, even though there will probably never be a story featuring Tirek as a hero!

:trixieshiftleft: note to self, next story, Tirek is hero :trixieshiftright:

I got thing to do, but I will as soon as I can!

That description is just about every story I've written.

Her Dark Majesty's loyal servant reporting in! :rainbowdetermined2:

Agreed. Hey there.

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