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Life can be challenging for humans born in Equestria, but it's especially tough for a human raised by ponies. Rainbow Dash overcame every obstacle life had thrown at her to become a hero of Equestria, the Element of Loyalty and make five of the best friends ever. Life couldn't be better, or could it? When she saves the life of an orphaned filly named Scootaloo she realizes she may have more than just awesomeness to offer others.

(Thanks to my great friend Steve for the editing and feedback on this story.)

(Cover art by the very talented Captainpudgemuffin and used with his kind permission. This picture was the inspiration for the story.)

Featured on Equestria Daily 12/29/16! Equestia Daily-Under Her Wing

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Is it me or is RD's dad into younger girls? I saw this one fic where he was dating Twilight.

Can't wait to get to the part where Rainbow dresses down the Wonderbolts.


I have a Fender guitar of my own. I'm not very good though. The only song I can really play is “One” by Metallica and “Welcome Home(Sanitarium)

Normally I would not read a story that released all its chapters at once, but so far its looking alright

7731741 Thanks for reading the story, I'm glad you were willing to give it a try. I have to ask, why wouldn't you read a story that released all it's chapters at once? I personally am always reluctant to start reading a WIP for fear the author will never finish it.

"Forgive me, but I'm muting the audio just before you hit. I've heard it once and never want to hear a sound like that again as long as I live," Twilight said softly as her horn glowed brighter and a red crystal materialized, the one that Rainbow kept on her helmet to magically record her flying. She felt some alarm when she saw the crystal had been broken and a few small bits were missing.
"Whoa, how hard did I hit the ground?" she asked, looking at the crystal.
"Forgive me, but I'm muting the audio just before you hit. I've heard it once and never want to hear a sound like that again as long as I live," Twilight said.

You wrote that one part twice.

Just realized that you keep calling Applejack by the name of Apple Jewel. What the heck?:applejackconfused:

7732269 In this story AJ's rebellious youth had taken her to her Aunt and Uncle Orange, and they had introduced her to the world of modeling and it was there she found her calling and got her cutie mark of three jeweled apples. :) She returned to the farm after a time and likes to keep busy, in both professions.

Intense first chapter. I like it.

7732269 I noticed that too, at a while guess I would say with RD being human there was no Rainboom so she stayed with the Oranges for quite a longer before moving back to Ponyville. The name change probably came from whatever her cutie mark is.

7732309 I have the notion that ponies have normal birth names but when they get their cutie marks their culture gives them the option to alter their name to fit their mark. In the story AJ's birth name was Applejack, but she changed it to Apple Jewel due to her cutie mark and only her mother can call her Applejack without her getting mad. :)

Ma and Pa Apple still around... now that IS unexpected.

Oh, yes. Dash's New Mom, if I remember. Perhaps it's a coincidence. Or is it?

This is shaping up to be one of the most unique alternate universes fics I've read. Really hooked on it.

So how is the human world connected to Equestria? I know the ponies have heard of it, as well as its culture and history. Is Dash the only human in Equestria?

I can't help but feel you missed a good joke during the Bullet chase sequence by having the car loose a hubcap at the end of ever paragraph.

Oooh, portals. I see. Hmmm... Still really doesn't explain how Dash came to Equestria as a baby, though. I actually had to pause so that I wouldn't type filly instead of baby. :twilightsheepish:

7732397 "They wanted to start a family so they had me, but before I was even born their relationship began to fall apart. They realized that Equestria wasn't the paradise they'd hoped.

Well, this was certainly a very interesting alternate universe! I loved it!

"Excellent. If you will forgive me, other ponies are out there, tormented by bad dreams and nightmares. Time to rescue the innocent and make the guilty suffer!"

Aww oh you dream vigilante you! (Wait... can princess be vigilante?)

Really enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work on the writing, though in the future it might better to post one chapter a day to let people roll with it as it grows.

7732520 Thank you for taking the time to read it. I'm glad you liked it. I know I could probably get more views out of it by delivering one chapter at a time, I just don't like sitting on a completed story and the reader doesn't have to worry about the story being abandoned.

They knew how to fly, but she knew how to fall.

That line was excellent. Kudos on a good intro chapter; you caught my attention and kept it.

Twilight prefers to deal in absolutes? It's confirmed, Twilight is secretly a Sith Lord.

Glad to see there is a second story planned. This is pretty different, and in a very good way. I have a small list of my absolute favorite stories (0.2% of the stories I read) and this is on it. I want to see more of this universe.

Rainbow Dash laughed and rubbed Scootaloo's head again. "No such luck, kiddo. You're forgiven and you're gonna like it."

Made me think of Season 1 Fluttershy at the GGG. Nice chapter. So Applejack is named 'Apple Jewel' in this story? Wonder if she was raised by humans or some such twist.

The server brought their drinks and a basket of complimentary bacon.

Mother of God, I wonder if any restaurants actually do this. That's hilarious and brilliant at the same time.

I really wish you had paced the release of this just a smidge. It is excellent so far, so I really wish you would have let it generate more attention. Loved the 'coming to Ponyville' scene. It was spot on.

7733341 This story has been in the works for over a year and a half, it just got to the point where it was done and edited and I just needed to put it out there so I could move on to something else.


I think all that happened is that Discord warped reality to link this version of Equus with a version of Earth. Doing so caused mixing and mashing of destinies, with Rainbow Dash winding up a human. 'Apple Jewel' is AJ's real name; reality just shifted a bit like it did for Dash.


I know, right? Love that she said 'make them suffer' rather than 'let them suffer', implying she actually gives some nightmares.

That was a very nice chapter. Looking forward to more Scootaloo! Best keep her away from Rainbow's Dad, though. He likes to eat chicken.

If you can understand more than three words in the entire song, they’re not metal enough.

She just summed up everything that's wrong with heavy metal these days.

Damn, and she will let that slide from Nightmare, they must still be scared stiff of what she will do if she gets upset. That what she did would cost all the love and friendship from me, she would have her polite discourse but little else positive from me.

But then again ponies maybe they are better.

7731778 I didn't even know you responded so sorry for the simi-late reply.

why wouldn't you read a story that released all it's chapters at once?

Mostly because I have read other stories that released all their chapters turn out to be poorly written. when each chapter is released the author can get feed back from others on their grammar, pacing, characters, ect. and it helps the author become a better writer as it goes on. of course I don't expect the author to be perfect as there will be mistakes, but that's where a proof-reader and editor comes in but idk much about those two. but I finished the story and it turned out alright. few mistakes here and there but I'm sure others have pointed them out already. you got an interesting world that you built and i was wondering if you have written other stories in this world? if not then i would like to see how events before this story happened.


In a previous chapter it says there is a marble building which contains the gateway and visitor's center (during the carriage ride from Canterlot). Dash also mentions visiting her biological mom and step-siblings on Earth after she has her nightmare. Given how blatantly obvious Discord is being about it, he is the one somehow responsible for the connection. In the chapter with him visiting Dash right after her being injured, he literally points at her reflection and says 'this is my fault'. Doesn't get more explicit (to the reader) than that to show why Dash is a human instead of a pegasus.

7733769 Please let me know if there are any mistakes, I've only had one pointed out so far.

I do have a sequel in the works, it was originally going to be all one big story, but it was just too different in tone and style from this part to really fit well together.

I'll survive this even if it kills me.

Fluttershy has the voice of an angel while I have the voice of an angel that chain smokes cigars.

I love your RD's 'voice'. You really gave her a good personality that melds well with her canon persona. I could totally see her being a true human version of Rainbow Dash. Loved that scene with the princesses where you had her get tripped up on the word 'malefactors'. So many people use that trope poorly, choosing words or dialogue which make the perpetrator look stupid. Instead, your scene made Rainbow look intelligent while just not having a huge vocabulary, as it should be.

I feel like at some point this story became all about powerful characters not having to face any consequences whatsoever for their actions.

Discord. . . I understand that he can't simply undo what he did, not without altering reality on an excessive scale. He could turn Rainbow Dash into a pegasus, but she'd be a pegasus who only knows growing up as a human -- unless he messed with her mind too, and that would be even worse (much worse). And yet, and yet. . . He owes her something. He owes her some restitution, and he certainly has the power to grant it in some form.

Hey, what about Scootaloo? Discord stole a healthy, strong pair of wings from Rainbow Dash, so why not give them to Scootaloo? He must be able to do that, and it would be only fair. But I also am pretty sure it could never happen. It would too easily resolve one of the author's precious conflicts, and we can't have that, can we?

Nightmare Moon. . . OK, I know she wasn't directly responsible for Rainbow's situation, but she was involved, and she got called on it. NMM, you should be apologizing to RD, not bullying her over this, and most definitely not threatening physical harm on her. Just pause for a moment and try to imagine how that would actually play out. Yeahhh. . . Not so good, huh? I'm not sure how NMM fits into this alternate variant of Equestria, but I'm pretty sure there must be lines she can't overstep.

Sara Bellum

Was that supposed to be a Powerpuff Girls reference? It was kind of out of nowhere.

Rarity finally looked up and met her friend's gaze. “Rainbow… Sweetie Belle is my daughter.”

I love this trope! Glad you included it here.

Treaded the edge of melodrama without falling over it. Well done. Your characterizations make sense.

"Has become"? This whole story, while an enjoyable read and well written, has been one long string of powerful characters Mary Sueing their way through Equestria while everything turns up roses.

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