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A group dedicated to Nightmare Moon and Twilight shipping. Need any more be said?

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understandable, which one are we doing?

Since the admin for this group is inactive, we should just crosspost these stories into the Nightmare Luna folder of the TwiLuna group where applicable.
Alternatively, we can create MoonLight 3.0 to replace the defunct MoonLight 2.0.

The founder has been banned and no stories are being added... shame:fluttershysad:. By the way if anyone knows any good MoonLight fics, do tell them:twilightsmile:

I like her without her armor, you see more of her and her midnight blue fur.

Dibs on Nightmare Moon in universe #21

It's Just me or Nightmare Moon looks really weird without her helmet?

339027 Really?:ajbemused: If I remember correctly, Nyx didn't have her cutie mark when she was Nightmare Moon, and when she gained it, it a was blue kite shield.

Hahaha. you do know that picture on top there is actually from Past Sins? the scene depicts Nyx nuzzling her mother, actually. still, it suits the theme of this group quite well.

This group seems awfully empty... needs moar fictions NAOW

You don't know how happy i am to find this... all my joins!

Thank you, it's already on my to read list :yay:
I haven't gotten to it yet, but the description sounds interesting!

216376 "My name is Nightmare Moon and I enjoy long walks at night"
I might try my hand at a Nightmare Moon centric thing, but grasping her character is- difficult.

203011 Perhaps some sort of dating service? Now there is some hilarious possibilities right there :scootangel:

More shipping! :fluttershbad: Please!
Moonlight is probably a bit harder? You HAVE to have a bigger set up, or alternate universe.
You don't run into Nightmare Moon at the mall.

Ever have an idea start bouncing around your head and refuse to leave you alone? I've got the very bare bones of a moonlight shipfic rattling around but I don't think I can make it work.


Latest comments says the author of Night's Favorite Child just overcame writer's block, and on Equestria Daily before he got writer's block the editor had the first half of the next chapter.


I wonder if Nyx stories are close enough to place in the non-romance folder?

His last comment was about moving out and finals-
Maybe hes still in transit?
I hope he comes back soon, I liked that story

Oh and nights favoured child?
Not shipping but woo boy, really liked the mood of that one.
Hope it updates soon too

Anyone know what happened to BB? The author of Nightmares Don't last Forever? According to his profile he's been gone 6 weeks.:fluttercry:

180642 You won't regret it. Unless you don't like ponies dying and stuff like that.

Never saw After That Fateful Night before, I'll have to check it out :pinkiesmile:

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