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The group for the pairing of the Royal Guard Captain and Queen Chrysalis.

So join!!!

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imagine if there was an alternate ending to the season 2 finale in which Shining Armor marries the fake Princess Cadance (Queen Chrysalis) and the real Princess Cadance never showed up to stop. :rainbowkiss:

I couldn't agree more... So anyone up for writing copious amounts of fics at the same time, leaving no time for a life or the outside world until you are consumed by your stories, go crazy, act them out in public and finally be shipped to Alcatraz?
Thought not. :pinkiecrazy:

323224 Hmm... This shipping needs more fanfics.

Don't worry, she is no longer a problem :raritywink:
(nice tfp quote by the way)


Indeed and my only mistake was not seeing her extermination through:twilightangry2:

Ah, finally. A group for my favourite ship. :coolphoto:

Hell yes! Screw that Cadence pony, these two are by far the better couple :yay:

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