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Metroid Prime

Currently doing: Denial of Cosmos/Pruning Lostbelts.

Information I will let you know

Current User name: Metroid Prime

Former user names:
Metroid Optimus Prime
Metroid Predaking Prime
Metroid Karzahni Prime
Commander Celebi
Optimus Maximus

Things that grab my attention:

The Legend of Zelda
Dragalia Lost
Call of Duty
Ben 10
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Fire Emblem
DC Extended Universe
Vannos Gaming
Mini Horse Fanfiction
Samurai Jack
Young Justice

.Fate: Stay Night+Ulimited Blade Works+Zero+Apocrypha+Grand Order+Extra+Babylonia+Camalot+Solomon
.Lord El Melloi Case Files
.Kara No Kyoukai
.Sword Art Online
.Attack on Titan
.Magic Kaito 1412
.Akame ga Kill
.Re: Zero
.Infinite Stratos
.Darling in the Franxx

Religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Age: 23

My Adminship

I am the Founder of the Following Groups

I am an admin of the Pokemon Fics Group

A metal world older than time immemorial, a birthplace of city sized Titans and Godly Primes, a buffer to the unstopped and unstoppable chaos

His essence is imagination, his name is Legendary, his island is fantasy, his works are mythical. His name is Artakha, master of the forge, bearer of the Mask of Creation.

What will this well show you should you enter it, what will its grains of the infinite deep bring? The only way of ever finding out, is to go there, and see for yourself

Interstellar Mountain Metropolis, the Throne of Machines. Waiting until the day when Gods would be shot down

Legends will rise, and balance will be restored

Tree of Empty Rhetoric, Tree of Galactic Cosmos

Soundtracks from my playlist

Current songs

Fate Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt
Starburst Thunder ~ Vs Zeus

Their True Shape ~ Vs The Twelve Olympians

Quioxtic Fantasy Tree of Emptiness Battle Theme 4

Fate Grand Order: Observer on Timeless Temple
The Time of Parting has Come

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I’m getting Gawain so I can complete my Round Table.

Plus I already have most of the 4*s

I think all of the FGO fans are at this point, the anticipation is agonizing. I also can’t wait for the NA 12 mil downloads campaign. There’s just so many good 4 stars to choose from.


Yeah, just waiting for Lostbelt 6 or the interlude chapter to be announced

Happy Election Day Metroid! I hope you are doing well during these trying times.

Comment posted by Hellshooter deleted Oct 28th, 2020

I know, and while that’s good for us Arts players, Castoria is definitely going dethrone Tammano as the queen of arts in the process given just how good she has shown herself to be in JP. And that just rubs Tammano fans like me the wrong way.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, RIP best Fox waifu.

yeah, cause as soon as Castoria comes, Arts will be back on the menu.

Gotta get in those quick crit memes while you can, am I right?

Soon it will be double Skadi getting me through anything.

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