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Snakes are beings of cunning and wit. Seviper, or Commander Sev of the PLA, is no exception. His cunning mind has been at work, plotting and scheming to strike back at the human oppressors.

And he would have too, if he didn't find himself and his army scattered about in a foreign world. And what's worse. There are no more humans to fight....

Guess he'll have to help the ponies, or something to keep his mind off of things.

Side story of 'A New World, a New Way'. Go check that out now.
(Please feel free to contribute to this fic's part.)

Chapters (37)
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Comments ( 444 )

You will refer to me as COMMANDER!!!!

Quite an interesting read, but I must admit I was expecting something ala J.I. Joe's cobra when the commander arrived, or perhaps the Imperial March, but then again the joke worked better.

I look forward to where this goes.

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Epic win for the crazy seviper as protagonist!

I support this.:yay::heart:


Damn! Someone beat me to a human-free side story for the verse oh well.

The male Gardevoir was a nice touch, along with the entire command chain. I think I am going to enjoy this side story.

Is there any new Poemon fic that isn't connected to A New World these days:duck:

4908379 Check the Pokémon section of the Anime Crossovers group.

4908467 I was actually just making a funny remark on how popular A New World is becoming:unsuresweetie::twilightsheepish:

4908533 just wait till ORAS comes out, there will probably be another jump in pokemon fics then as well.

4909460 The more games that come out, the more I wish I had the 3DS. I still have the old DS though, so I still play those Pokemon games.

The only reasons that I bought a 3ds was for pokemon...and fire emblem. They are only games that can keep me replaying them for years.

A seviper that may be attracted to a pony? Wanna see how that would work. Good story deserves a fave

I like the twist on the side story. A POKEMON who hates humans is sent to equestria. I like it! :D

4911602 Thank you.:pinkiehappy: The next chapter won't be long now.

4915349 I thought it would be an interesting take on it.:ajsmug:


O poor Sev.... Is he ever gonna flip when Arceous makes his speech.

4922226 I know can't wait to see that it'll be funny

I SHOULD be worried, but honestly, Sev feels more like a Pokemon version of Invader Zim

4922563 Wow, that is a perfect description.They just need a GIR, except Sev might end up killing it.

Yugioh abridged ftw!

Okay, so my thought's on the first chapter. It was good, we got a nice little introduction to the cast of this merry band and I already have a few favorites.

Oh, and Sev's entrance, has someone been watching Hellsing Abridged?

4928970 That's great to hear. :pinkiehappy: Hopefully, my future chapters will leave you wanting more. (And smiling.) {Mind telling me which ones you liked?}

And to your question:
Yes. I couldn't resist.:twilightblush:

Alright, now for this chapter. The fight scene was cool and I'm really loving the dynamic between Sev and Lia.

Onwards to the next chapter!

Okay, so now I'm done reading this and I will give my verdict.

More please! This fic is great and Sev is awesome. I can't wait for some of the other characters to show up.

4929209 Working on the next chapter now. Will be up soon, possibly tomorrow if I can pull it off.

Sev really acts like a hammed up villain that isn't actually evil. It makes for him being a really humorous character. You seem good at writing all kinds of villains if those other two are any indication.

I love Sev!
Such an old school villain.

These hyena dogs sound like Warhammer 40K orks.
They have similar intelligence too, apparently.

I loved this chapter, for more reasons than one.
Keep it up!

4929220 Told you I'd get this chapter out today. :raritywink: I hope you like it.

You deserve a high-five for that Hellsing Abridged reference. Kind of hard to do that from here, though, so a like on the story should suffice.

Commander Sev is love, he is life, he is crazy amusing and I can't get enough of him.

I'm normally not kosher, but this is way too much ham.

I have this little mental game were I roleplay how will my guys react when meeting then characters of other stories, but whenever I go with Sev, things turn chaotic.

Great chapter!

4950801 Oh, but chaos is such a wonderful, wonderful thing. :pinkiehappy: Though, it would be interesting to see that happen.

Thanks for the comment.

4950819 Believe me, I do wish both things to happen. Lets hope it does in a not so far future.

Smithing... What could go wrong?

4965055 that tyrantrum is a x/y pokemon rock/dragon and the little ones are tyrunt it's preevolvetion

So the Griffin on the end is the Ponyfied version of Kraven the hunter?

4965271 Actually, he's more based on Roland Tempo, the hunter from Jurassic Park 2. (Honestly, he was pretty much the only character I liked.) Though he also draws some inspiration from Van Pelt, the hunter from Jumanji.

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