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Kickstarter: Starwars Fan Film about Darth Vader?! · 4:15am May 26th, 2018

what's up guys? that's right, you read the title correctly. I was browsing my youtube stuff earlier and found a video by Star Wars Theory that reveals a kickstarter project about a pro grade starwars fan film about everyone's favorite sith lord, Darth Vader! So this is a message that is addressing any and all starwars fans who were let down by Last Jedi and want to see a starwars movie made by someone who actually gives a crap

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well, so far i've only gotten the first few chapters so far; just finished Pinkie's surprise party, and the journal format does work pretty well for the premise. the flirting Cheerilee is adorable. the only thing i can see that would need work is the hiccups in grammar that you already mentioned. I'll keep reading and let you know.
I'm interested in seeing when the rest of the mane 6 show up.

would i be able to humbly request your input as to what you thought was good about my fic and what you think could stand to be improved? I am always happy to get feedback! I am aware of the grammatical errors and am working to correct them in upcoming chapters, ones already written will have to wait until i aquire an editor.

Thanks for the fave!

Alrighty. with two other stories in the works, the next chapter of of "The Great And Powerful Fairy Tail", which will be entitled "The rise of Eisenwald" might be a tad delayed. I'll try and get it out in another week or so, but hopefully i can get it out sooner.

Also in the works, is a Fallout Equestria fic and a self insert. I've been working on these ideas in my head for a while now, and i'm excited to see how they do when they're ready to be posted.:twilightsmile:

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