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Equestria. A nation emerging from a brutal war. 13 Districts of the land previously stood together, hoof in hoof, and rose up against the Capitol that had ruled in tyranny for so long. On fought the Earth Ponies, the Pegasi, the Unicorns, and the Alicorns. But one District was destroyed, and the Alicorns were no more, leaving the remaining districts to mourn their losses, and face the Capitol. Then, during the darkest hour, a truce was offered, and a treaty was signed.

"The races of Equestria chose to rise against the Capitol that had cared for them. In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a Stallion and a Mare between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "reaping". These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol. And then transferred to a public arena, where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as The Equestria Games."

The original Hunger Games trilogy takes place at the time of the 74th games. This story goes all the way back, back to the time of an Equestria fresh out of a horrific war. The peace treaty has been signed, and the games set to go ahead. The tributes involved face a daunting task: to compete in a brutal fight to the death in the very first Equestria Games.

Please comment, and if you really like it, follow me for future updates! Thanks.

Cover Art done by the epic DordtChild on DeviantArt.
Equestria Games logo belongs to MsSquiggle on DeviantArt
Edited by the super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing Nonagon.

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Oh my god, ponyfied Hunger Games.

This sounds very, very interesting.

"Is everything about this a joke to you?"

"Funny things are."

That the reference?

That the reference?

Ding ding! We have a winner!
I need either a picture or description, as well as the name of, your OC, as well as what district you wanna be from. Also its gender.

I was just thinking earlier today, "I really need to read an MLP/ Hunger Games crossover fic". This worked out nicely. :rainbowkiss: I dunno anything about avengers, but I guess I've already been beaten to that anyways. Haha.

I thought it was pretty well done for your first fanfiction (or, at least first fimfiction). Some minor grammar issues (missing punctuation and capital letters where I wasn't expecting, for the most part), but they didn't get in my way or anything. A few of the paragraphs were a bit long for my taste. Not a big deal imo. I liked the way you described district 12 and Twilight's emotions. I haven't read The Hunger Games in a while, but I think you did a good job on capturing the same feel from what I remember.

I like that you diverged from the plot a bit and made Twilight have an older brother. Obvious this is following mlp canon, but it means that she can't replace Shining Armor, so that makes me curious on what will happen. Is Shining in the draw as well, or is he too old? I wonder who the male tribute will be.

Anyyyyways, I'd love to submit an OC to you. Before I do that, though, are all of the districts open? I have a pony that might fit will in district 1, but you might already have an antagonist set up there. :twilightblush:


Thanks for the kind words, its always nice to be new on the scene and be welcomed with such open arms.

As for the questions about Shining Armor, the idea is that he is older to the point where he is above the maximum age requirement for the reaping, which is canon to the comparison we see of him and Twilight in the BBBFF song when Twilight was younger.

As for your OC, as long as its a stallion, I can definitely put it in as a District 1 tribute. If not, just pm me with a picture or description of it, and I'll see what I can do.

Also, bear in mind I'm not taking the first book and making it ponyfied, I am creating a new story, as this is meant to be the first of the games, not the 74th that we see in the book/film. This gives me more room to breathe in terms of loyalty to the first book.

Oh no, Twiley! And poor Shining, losing his sister AND getting the crap beat out of him!

I enjoyed looking at "The Hunger Games" and have watched all three seasons of "Friendship is Magic." Merging the two of them together was an excellent idea, 8-Bit. The first chapter with Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle really moved me. I'm off to read the second chapter now. :pinkiehappy:

Does like. Wants more.
More I tell you, MOAR!

Oh, and a random Twist: :twistnerd:

And there's the Mane Six showing up...

I'd laugh if they all die and one of the OC's win. (insert plot twist music)

Obscure Disney reference... how about, "holy buck, it's like a palace in here!" :facehoof:

I wasn't expecting Thunderlane to be the male tribute! Not that you really had a lot of selection though, ha. Thunderlane's cool though. I can dig it.

I was expecting Rarity to be the new Cinna, but it makes more sense for them to be in the games so they can actually be in the fic... lol. Also I'm hoping to see some CMC (any of 'em) Rue-like action.

I disgress. Good job. :D Fast chapter updates are pretty nice.


Sorry, but no.

I can see why you'd think that though :rainbowwild:

Hi. This is my OC, clockwork dawn. he is male. I'd like him to be from District 5.
Here is a link.

You can take the clothes off for in your story. Just so ya know, his eyes are jade green.
If you need any more info, please message me.

Just copy and paste that into your search bar and you'll get to it.

This chapter just struck a chord with me. :')

Can I be a tribute?
Light blue coat
Vinyl Scratch-esque mane, navy blue with sky blue
Rose eyes
A short tail, barely long enough to rudder flight
Winged blue lightning bolt as cutie mark
Name: Blue Streak
District 8

Friend's OC:
Lightish red coat
A longish orange mane with a pink streak in it
Green eyes
A choppily cut Fluttershy tail
Winged apple as cutie mark
Name: Apple Cloud
District 11

The last two chapters were really good! I think your grammar and stuff that I complained about in the first chapter have improved (that, or your eye for proofreading). I really like how you're describing everything... I struggle with description myself, so good job! :pinkiehappy:

Could I be a tribute? It's ok if I don't get in...
Name: Flare Runner
Earth Pony
District 1 or 2, I don't care
Grey coat
Purple Scootalo-ish mane
Red eyes
Her cutie mark is a red and purple flame

I have my OC as a tribute? It'd be really awesome if you used him. It's picture is the same as my profile picture :3

Name: Cyneryk(Or Fire Work)
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Occupation: Fire Works Expert(shocker)
District: District 3 would make sense.

I hope you already didn't pick all of the OC's that you need! :twilightsheepish: Anyways, keep up the good work!


The OC is fine, but you needa pick a new district, as the Male Tribute for 3 is already taken.

Your options are 4 (Fishing), 6 (Transportation), 8 (Textiles) and 10 (Livestock)


Sadly, all the Female tribute places have been filled. The only places remaining are the Male Tributes for the Districts I mentioned above.

making “get the doctor” jokes

Is that it??

Friend's OC
Name: Papercraft
District 8
black and white mane and tail and sky blue coat
paper and scissors cutie mark
red eyes

My OC (old)

Name Cube twister
any district is fine
black mane and tail
white coat
rubik's cube cutie mark
red eyes

oh, and my token is a rubik's cube and my friend's is a small plushie :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Got it.

I've put your friend in 7, and I've put you in 6


I've put your OC in 4, thinking he could be one of those screw-loose ponies who fishes with Explosives.

So everypony, I only have room for one more OC, the Male tribute from 10 (Livestock). If I don't get one submitted in time, I'll have to use a background pony instead.
First come, first served. I'm heading out to do some shopping soon, but I'll be starting on the next chapter when I get back.
Hope to have it done by tonight.


oh and my friend in district 7 makes more sense to me.
it all makes sense now....:pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:


Mmmhmm, Lumber and Paper.

Just made a lot more sense to me xD

how many more spots are there??


I just need a Male Tribute for District 10 (Livestock).

I'm currently writing Chapter 6, so if I don't get a submission before I finish, I'll use a background pony.


thanks for putting me and my friend's OC


I suddenly understand exactly how Celestia felt in that scene. :rainbowwild:

Yes. Yes! Yes!? YES! YES!!!


I better not see a single scratch on my baby :raritydespair: At least not in the beginning. He's stronger than he looks :raritywink:

Gah! Now I must draw Pyro's costume. :pinkiegasp:

I want Blueblood to die first, make him suffer. :pinkiecrazy:

2193051 It would sound interesting.

If it wasn't the 40,000,000,000,000th story on the site to have the same premise.

Not to mention -- and I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this -- the Hunger Games isn't exactly the most unique, amazing premise in the first place. A tournament where kids have to fight? Crazy. It's as if that hasn't already been done... a lot.

Maybe the story's good, but the description just sounds like "The Hunger Games... but with ponies instead of humans", which isn't as much of a fan fic as just taking the main characters of one semi-decent story and replacing them with ponies.

thank you so much for putting my OC in your great story! :derpytongue2::ajsmug::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::moustache:


That is a fair point, I'll be honest. And there are a few other stories on this site with this exact same plot (Storyline, don't be having a dirty mind now).

However, I am making a fair effort to give my story at least some unique selling points. First and foremost, the games held in this story are the 1st "Hunger Games", which allows me to write about the characters, in and out of the arena, and how they react emotionally, given that this is the first time they are going through the event, and the war that led to District 13 being destroyed, and the peace treaty being signed, is still fresh in their memories. Also this means I get a new story at the end, without it being a complete copy of the first book, with Katniss scribbled out and Twilight written crudely in its place.

Secondly, I am trying to give the characters non-canon back stories, based on what District they come from, how the war would have effected them, etc. A good example of this is the 2nd part of Twilight's dream sequence in Chapter 4, which is meant to be a recollection of actual events that she experienced during the war.

Basically, yes it is Hunger Games with Ponies instead of Kids. But I am trying hard to write it in a way that the two Universes fit together in a way that makes sense. If you haven't read it, please just try the first chapter and see what you make of it. You may enjoy it and carry on reading. If you did read it, I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy it.

Either way, thank you for your time. Constructive criticism helps a lot.

The Apple family makes up a huge part of District 11’s population, so it’s an unfortunate coincidence that two of them have to end up in the arena together.

What about Big Mac?? Isn't he part of the Apple family??:unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:


I think my thought process for this was that Big Mac is, in this story, one of Applejack's distant distant family, the kind that live in another country (or District) altogether, and you never really meet. This could make for a sweet moment in the Arena where they realize the relation, but I won't go into specifics right now.

Good job! I think I'd be most afraid of Pinkie when it came down to it. :pinkiecrazy: Other than Twilight because she could potentially vaporize me... lol :twilightangry2:

I'm excited to see the training!

Fire Work and Pinkie Teamwork! They will be unstoppable!

My baby is sure to win <3

I hope ;-;

MOAR! :flutterrage:

Yay! New Chapter!


DAMN. MY BABY WAS ISOLATED! Eh, he'll still kick butt! I see a nice rivalry going on here...I like.


It's here! I'm glad to see that though the chapters release quickly, they're not decreasing in quality. And Limerick is sad, to me. A thing about Blue Streak's personality is that... Well, she will do most anything to ensure her survival. Backstabbing, thievery, lying- come easily to her. Thanks again for including Bluey!

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