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This story is a sequel to Scotchtavia

After a heavy night of drinking, most of which she can’t remember, Octavia awakens to a monstrous hangover. But even this isn’t enough to distract her from the obvious fact that Vinyl is acting… different. Kinder, sweeter, and much more considerate. Something happened last night, something that has clearly had a huge effect on Vinyl. But what could it possibly be?

Another first person Octa-Scratch story which is my third one-shot, and the (highly requested) sequel to Scotchtavia. This time it is written from Octavia’s POV, just to give the series some variety. Rated teen for some strong language.

Cover art courtesy of iJab on DeviantArt.

UPDATE 09/09/2023: Edited story to fit better with my current writing standard. Original unedited story here!

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Ooh, it's gonna be a multi-chapter!~ :heart: This is great so far, and I simply cannot wait for more.

8_Bit #3 · May 7th, 2014 · · 1 ·


Actually no, I forgot to change that to complete. But this story is part two in a trilogy, so more will be coming, just as it's own story.

And thanks! :pinkiehappy:

4352994 AAAH, trilogy~ :heart: Please take all of my yes. :yay:

Yep. The shit just hit the fan.

That it did. This will be messy.:pinkiecrazy:


So, it seems there will be a sequel to this one as well...

I'm thoroughly enjoying this story and I can't wait for the third part :pinkiehappy: Well done

I simply cannot wait for the third part. It's up on my List of Hype right under the S4 finale, which is on the #1 spot.

Not a bad story at all! I thought it was pretty cute and it made a decent read.

One small nit-pick, though. The ending, the obvious sequel-hook, was kind of out of place. It made a very sweet and touching story end on a sour note, and really diminished the emotional payoff. I get that you wanted to be able to continue it, but I would highly recommend rewriting that so as to not undo what you were trying to accomplish with this story. Or at the very least consider it for the future.


4352994 reply this comment when the other part is finished.

I have to say.... I simply fucking beyond adore your story... Its just... So, amazing!!!!!!! *wipes tear*

I sincerely love it, id more then love to see future chapters. :twilightblush:

First you make me tear up with one line and the next you had me chuckling at the very appropriate joke. You sir really know how to play with people's heartstrings.

Sequel bait!?:pinkiehappy:

Needs sequel.....please? :fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritywink: No offense, but I just feel like it isn't done. I can see a lot of heart breaking "daddy never loved me" but I think having Vinyl make crude, blatant statements could keep it comedic and less tense enough :twilightsmile: But please continue this and it's a pretty good story by itself :twilightsmile::raritystarry::pinkiesmile:

Very nice! Looking forward to the finale!

Just a thought, but you could start an entire series following Vinyl and Octavia throughout their relationship. But if you do, you might want to just put it all in one anthology.

Comment posted by ChromeRegios deleted May 8th, 2014

Well, I have to say, both this and it's prequel are bloody brilliant.

Please sir, can I have some more?

:rainbowkiss: Charles Dickens just turned in his grave...
Seriously though, this is god-level stuff. Like, you'd have to put Thoth, Athena, and an army of writers together just to come close to matching this kind of awesomeness. Your writing makes the world (or at least the fandom) a better place. More please!

A 3 bit tip for a 40 bit bill and five hours of service?!

Tavi's a pretty shitty tipper.

Snarkyness aside, this was a good piece. I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Good Job indeed.


Crap. Somewhere nearby is a fan about to be hit by something unpleasant.

It's typical when Vinyl's around... :pinkiehappy:

“Going through all that, and you end up dating mares anyway.”
:rainbowlaugh: oh vinyl

So glad to see you are continuing this!

Wait... Why is this complete when there is still more to write? I mean, unless you are a dick (I am not suggesting you are, BTW), there is no WAY you would just cut this off. I mean, I personally want to see (In my mind's eye) Vines beat the tee-total living SHIT out of the Philarmonicas.

A sequel!

This was awesome. Will there be more? That was so open-ended that there has to be more.


It makes people amazed when they find out me and Vinyl are dating.

Am I rambling? I do that sometimes. I suppose you’re here to hear something a bit more interesting than my opinions on the youth of today.

Firstly, yes, me and Vinyl Scratch are dating.

Instead of "me and Vinyl", "Vinyl and I" is the one that's correct. Just thought I'd let you know of this little error :rainbowkiss:

yeah. this needs to keep going.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. You do amazing things with emotions.

Ohh she's pissed. I'm going to make a mental note to NEVER piss off vinyl. ever.

Comment posted by kryshunter deleted May 8th, 2014

Heh, I enjoyed this. Going to write a third?

We.....Need....Mooooooorrrrrrreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!:raritycry: Pleeeeaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!!!!
Ahem, but seriously vary good story. :raritywink:

I was all fangirly until the part when it said her eyes were read
i was all like

Wow, A few years later, and people still fight whenever vinyl takes off her glasses. :derpytongue2:

4360332 I was all normal until I read "read".
I was like.
It's motherbucking "red"!

As the last sentence escaped my lips, it was as if a flick had been switched on inside Vinyl.

You've got a spoonerism here.

Very nice, I'll be following this.

Check your tenses. There are spots scattered throughout the fic where you've slipped into present tense and I don't think you meant to.

I didn't notice them until a second pass, though, so clearly I didn't find them too distracting. They're less obvious if you're reading it aloud and thinking of it as Tavi telling a story.

On that note: Good story, and well told. I got here from one of JohnPerry's feature-box blogs; his summary sounded like it was at least decent, and it certainly lived up to that.

Oh wow! Sequel sequel! Well i just have one small problem, I already have Scotchtavia as #1 on my 'best of the best' list and now i want this on there too! How am i supposed to recognize multiple authors if you're so amazing that you bog up my list!

"Step by step, I've got a brand new walk /
I even sound sweeter when I talk."

- Something's Got A Hold On Me, Etta James


I'm just that evil :pinkiecrazy:


Canon or fanon, it's all down to author preference really. BlackGryph0n did it first, so that's the one I accept as her natural colour. :twilightsmile:


She's from Trottingham, which basically makes her the Equestrian equivalent of being British. A tip of that amount is what she might call 'adequate'. :scootangel:


Of course this isn't complete. Do you really think I'd leave you guys hanging on an end as open as this? This is part two of a trilogy, with the grand finale to come soon... :raritystarry:

I'm not used to seeing Octavia using words Vinyl casually uses. It's different.

I like it.

Anyways... Sequel?

Awwww yis.

Following because this.

Very well done again, I love how you write both Vinyl and Octavia. :heart:

Scotchtavia III: Vinyl Kicks Some Ass

Read as in pronounced reh-d like I READ A BOOK
and read as in red idfk :facehoof:

wellwell i can see another story for the two forming XD anyways grate job. :twilightsmile: it is relly cool.

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