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Vinyl and Octavia meet at a party. With the romance tag and the title, what the hay do you think happens?

Fic reading here!

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Comments ( 77 )

Awesome. Purely awesome. Welcome to the OctaScratch club! :twilightsmile:

haha awesome

It was pretty awesome. Great job with it :yay:

Yes, welcome.

It was great. Had great pacing, characterization, and other thing. Saw a few errors but I am on my phone so I can't point them out. This was a wonderful little oneshot. Keep up the great work brah.

Huzzah octascratch! Very very good work my friend

WOOT! glad I saw this on the main page!

Viking Hooves out:rainbowwild:!

I don't think the little preview at the start was exactly necessary.
Anyway, this was nice. I thought the actual shipping parts were too quick and small. Still, overall it's a nice story.


Thanks for giving this a shout out, definitely a fun read!

You're welcome :twilightsmile:
I'm trying to deliver the goodness of OTP to the masses :scootangel:
Because, well, OctaScratch is best pairing. :twilightsmile:
Semper fidelis. :ajsmug:

2351126 Best pairing?
I'd dump my 'ur a faget' picture set but I'm too lazy.

With the romance tag and the title, what the hay do you think happens?

They kill each other?

Damnit Psp, stop making my read later list full of Octascratch! I can never resist them! Anyway, cute little fic. I kinda wanna see what the mother thinks of it thought.

I wanted to use about three emoticons, but I'm on an iPod touch.

For a first attempt this was done well.

You know what sucks? If this was 4 words longer it would have made the feature box.

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone! As I mentioned, I did just write this out of a combination of boredom and spontaneity, so I'm glad to see so many positive responses! :twilightsmile:

...It would have? :rainbowderp:

Anything greater than 4k words and 15 to 1 ratio of likes/dislikes.
Of course it has to compete against other fics for a slot, but on weekdays it's not uncommon to see a fic with at little as 16 get up there.
So yes it could have, congratulations on getting to that point.

But then again Knightly is replacing the formula with something different soon. :derpytongue2:

Bummer. Oh well, there's always next time!

I think it was clever...

I'd say that was a very cute story. I would have preferred either an absence of alcohol, or one pony being drink while the other is not, but that is just me. It was well written and adorable with minimal mistakes. Well done.

Edit: Also, it would be nice to see some post party conflict where Octavia gets scolded for coming home late with a strange mare.

Dont stop this story. keep it going this fist chapters although rushed is the base for a great story, please keep it up and write more chapters

I'm gonna make you reconsider your opinion. :ajbemused:

2357605 In the words of the villain of G Gundam(forgot his name), "COME AT ME!"

I would love to see more chapters of this story.

Until this moment, I had been hesitant to even go near a shipping story, thinking they were all just clopfics. If you read clopfics, I don't care, I don't necessarily hate them. But yeah, you opened up an entire genre for me. Thanks!

2358761 Quiet children.

2363007actually, it would be children. I was referring to you and psp7master. But lets not argue.

2363013 Nah, you just started an argument. My birth certificate clearly states that I am, indeed, no longer a child.

To everyone asking for more chapters - sorry, but I'm not going to do it. I always envisoned this as a one-shot (plus as mentioned, I did it with little planning), so I haven't really planned for any aftermath. In addition, whilst I do love the OctaScratch pairing, it has kinda been done to death, and I can't really think of any way to further the story whilst still giving it a twist of some sort which makes it stand out from other fics.

I do, however, have plans for a completely different OctaScratch story, which I may write and post today depending upon how bored I get with uni work. So there's that to look forwards to :raritywink:

2363019it was sarcasm, and yes, I did inadvertently start an argument, didn't I? Sorry.

Very entertaining.

Isn't Quater back visual persona from G3 BUSTED

Is there a similar G3 pony? I literally made up the description for Quarterback (and Double Bass as well) on the spot as I was writing.

Looks like breaburn football cutie mark the only comparison I used was the mark it was more of a joke kind went wrong

Kinda jumped into it and the use of alcohol to get them to that point (You did say they were wasted) really killed the daw'ness of it.

Fair enough, I can see why you wouldn't like it. I made them get drunk because A) Both are somewhat disappointed that Quarterback rejected them, B) It lowers their inhibitions and makes it a tad more realistic that they'd hook up, C) It gives them something to bond over, and D) Writing drunk ponies is fun.

Sorry that you didn't like it too much, but I did have justifications for doing so.

Always nice to see a shipfic without all the drama. Great story, gotta love 'TaviScratch!

Yay! 100 Likes to you!:twilightsmile:
A very cute story, with one of my absolute favorite ships ever. Very much enjoyed the story and I would gladly read it again:raritywink:

Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn't noticed! That makes this my most popular fic!

Now if only it didn't have that one downvote :ajsleepy:

This was some good TaviScratch. Very nicely done!

Awesome :twilightsmile:

Oh a fun little fic about a random destined meeting at a party. Cute and fun to read and well written. I hope you wrote more stories

I've said it before and I'll say it again nothing is more fun than drunken ponies :rainbowlaugh: .
Anywho it was a cute little story about a great ship and it was funny and well written. Good job :ajsmug:

Wow! This was a great read! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Any chance of a sequel?? :derpytongue2:

Probably not, unfortunately. I'm quite happy with this how it is, and I don't really see the need to expand on it when everything's already wrapped up quite neatly.

Glad to know you enjoyed it, though! :twilightsmile:

I loved this story. very well written ship without all the sarcasm and drama. Sometimes it just pays to be simple ya know?

2351544 this is why we can't have nice things

Comment posted by Night Music deleted Jan 9th, 2014
Comment posted by Night Music deleted Jan 9th, 2014
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