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I read more than what I draw and draw more than what I write.

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Tribute and updates! · 3:56pm Aug 25th, 2014

It took me a good chunk of two weeks but it's finally done!:yay:

Robin Williams as Alan Parrish in "Jumanji"
You shall be missed.:ajsleepy:

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Stuff about me.

I'm a fan of many things and I'd like to enjoy as much as I can.
I write a bit (no pony fics as of yet, still under works) but I draw more. I can draw well enough but I enjoy stories a lot more, bonus points if it's a comic, even more if it's a video.
Apparently, this is my personality test result.

This one is from a game I used to play.

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Waldo linked me the picture he credited to you, of Dan vs a FlufflePuff Titan. Gotta say, it looks great!

Mein gott... six at once...:twilightoops:

We shall grow your fan legion... Soon...

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