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Shipping chart · 7:42pm Dec 6th, 2014

I found this on deviantart. It's a map about the shippings done with each characters, weighed by how often it happens:

( http://ciscoql.deviantart.com/art/Ship-png-296471905 )

I couldn't stop laughing for like 10 minutes :pinkiehappy:

Fun things:
-Rainbow Dash is dominating the shipping chart. (I'm missing the kitchen sink, though...)

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My favorite CMC

Big hugs to you all!

This is the place where authors usually tell people about themselves.

Instead, I will tell you about how awesome you are.

-You are the member of the most intelligent species of Earth.
-You are a living miracle: your brain is the most complex structure known in the universe.
-You are capable of mastering practically any skill in 5 years.
-You are capable of loving other people, which can heal lives.
-You are unique. No one has never existed before who was exactly like you, and there never will be anyone.
-You are so valuable that if people spend time to get to know you, after a year, most of them would be ready to even die for you!

Oh by the way, God knows your full value. Do you know what his response was? He became a human and suffered through the most painful and humiliating death so that you can become part of his life as his beloved child. If that doesn't make you the biggest treasure on Earth, then nothing does.

So don't you even dare to think for a second that you are worthless.

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I just read your story Flutterhug. It's really cute, and heartwarming too! I especially like the "Pinkie teaching Fluttershy how to hug" part. I wonder if Pinkie knows how to hug a human, though.

I know you've been not active on this site for a while now, but when you are back, I hope you happy. Big thanks for writing these amazing stories. You are great.

Oh, and one important thing: Have a follow! :yay:

May I hug you?

Huge, huge God bless! God loves you, now and forever.

Glad to see you've been lurking on the site again :D

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply, I'm just not active on Fimfiction anymore. Thanks for the follow and God bless :twilightsmile:.

I like your style. Nice to see other Christian bronies, especially ones with similar beliefs.
Have a follow.
Keep on fighting the good fight!

Hi Trampoline!
I'm fine thanks. Currently out of the loop. No time for writing fanfictions. Barely checking this site.

Hi Phoenix! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

Sorry, I don't really have motivation to write nowadays. I prefer having fun with my friends IRL and reading stuff from much better writers than me. :twilightsmile:

You haven't published anything in ageeeees~

I cannot keep re-reading stories, y'know. Well, I could, but that's not the point.

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