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End of an Era (Sorta Kinda Not Really) · 3:28pm September 9th

Would you believe I've thought about what to write in this blog post for years? Because I've thought about what to write in this blog post for years.

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About Me

Why are you even reading this? There are plenty of actually interesting people on this site whose pages you could be on right now.

Anyways, I'm an 21-year-old guy born, raised, and attending college in the American Midwest. I was first introduced to the show in December of 2011 by one of my friends, and when I watched the first episode, I admittedly wasn't very impressed. But it caught my interest, and I wanted to see how the second half of Friendship is Magic ended. So I watched the second episode. And the third. And the fourth. And before I knew it, I was a brony.

Somehow, I stumbled my way into being the Guild Master of the Reviewers' Café, so if you're here about that, interested in getting a story reviewed, or wanting to do some reviewing of your own, feel free to message me!

Às vezes, eu sou conhecido a falar em português—fale comigo! Sempre gosto de usar minhas fracas habilidades no idioma.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to shoot a PM my way.

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Moved it into Under Review from the submissions folder — but thanks for the watch all the same!:twilightsmile:

Ooh, did you submit my Pony of Vengeance story? Thank you, friend!

It's a pretty good painting, wanted people to be able to come on the site and appreciate some good art (as well as wonder what idiot would pay for an ad that doesn't actually advertise anything)

I've always enjoyed East Asian art, it's very vivid and expressive yet often simple at the same time. I even have a copy of New Fuji, Meguro (below) by Utagawa Hiroshige that I bought at the MFA in Boston a few years ago hanging on my wall back home.


I've seen both attributed to Liu Miao Shan. They're by the same person, anyway; they have the same chop on the right edge.

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