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Fluttershy has always wanted to give more of her kindness towards ponies. However, her shyness impedes her speaking, which makes her hard to express herself. After asking for her help, Pinkie Pie teaches Fluttershy to communicate with physical interactions instead, like hugs.

It works so well that Fluttershy decides to hug every pony in Ponyville.


Written with the single goal to create the cutest, most heartwarming short story I can imagine (without going romance).

Featured on EQD!

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Then suddenly, a Silver Spoon redemption sub-plot. I just don’t know what went wrongright!

I'll go to sleep soon. If for some reason the fiction would get featured during the night, could you please make a screenshot of the front page and send it to me? I'd really appreciate it.

Good night everypony!


Pinkie would be the one to have devoted considerable thought to the theory and practice of hugging. :pinkiehappy:

I can even imagine her starting a Hug Academy. Headmaster Pinkie Pie, giving a free demonstration anytime to anypony :pinkiehappy:.

Maybe you could write a fic about Spike cheering mares up.

4353815 can I volunteer for a demonstration? *shy*

4353746 what time zone are you in? It's the middle of the day here in Alabama!

Anytime :pinkiehappy:

GMT+2 (Gdansk - Poland, but it's the same at my home: Budapest - Hungary)

I counted fourteen kinds of adorable. I may have missed a few.

4353985 :yay: Let's squeeze all the cuteness into one fiction. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that was a thoroughly enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

4354064 I'm happy you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

4353903 No I meant kind of like the story "Flutterhug".

4354141 Oh. Sorry, I misunderstood.

Hm... I... don't think I could write such a thing. I mean, Spike's personality doesn't... fit. I've already written two heartwarming stories about him, one about his relationship with Twilight (Maud 7) and another with Rarity (Inspiration Manifestation: Spike). If he would start hugging random mares... things would get awkward or sexual quickly, since... he's a boss :moustache:.

(It could work with an R63 Spike though.)

Comment posted by A7X Camerooni deleted May 7th, 2014

I absolutely hate Fluttershy with every centimeter of my body(that's alot of centimeters), but I guess I can put that aside momentarily to read this.

4354614 but how? Its got to be hard on your shriveled up soul to even consider hating such a wonderful source of joy and heart attacks.

Hah, that was pretty cute and silly ^^


*shrug* you know, you actually made me realize something, and for that, I should rephrase this. I don't for say "hate" her, but sometimes I don't like her whole "shyness" thing. I'm perfectly fine with shy people, cause I actually have like 3 friends who are very shy, but I don't like it when the fate of Equestia hangs in the balance, and Flutters is too scared to help save it. And another thig I don't really like is how one moment she's all shy and scared, then she's yelling at people/dragons and making them cry. That's just really weird. I figured she's bipolar or something. So I guess I don't "hate" her for say, but I don't like the way she acts from time to time. And btw, I take that "shrivelled up soul" thing as a compliment.

4354843 Thanks :pinkiesmile:

4355809 Tell me about it. When Fluttershy reverts back to her old shy state when the situation is critical, I just want to punch a hole into the wall it's so annoying. Same with Pinkie Pie when the situation should by emotional, deep, or serious and she breaks the whole atmosphere with unrealistically random and stupid acts (example: Over a Barrel.).
If someone writes them without those two, they are my favorite characters, if not... *the hole in the wall is getting bigger*

This story was really cute and sweet :3

4356378 Thanks.:pinkiehappy: My heart melted multiple times while writing it so I had to take breaks to stay alive. :rainbowlaugh:

I can see why. Fluttershy just got 20% cuter

4354182 But he's a Gentledragon and the Great and Honorable Savior of the Crystal Empire.

4356735 That's true. Crystal Empire Hug Spree? Hm.... :moustache:

This is incredibly cute. :twilightsmile:

4355809 those are all valid points. I concede to your position.

Fillies and gentlecolts we have discovered why Pinkie Pie is so well loved.

Now that Fluttershy has been introduced to the this phenomenon we shall call it the Pink effect. Huzzah!

.... Go hug Luna.


Heee! Well maybe have her practice with Celestia and get tips for Luna? Like possibly plate mail!

GASP! That's the REAL purpose of the royal guard armor! To allow them to hug their Princesses without suffering broken...everything!

4358977 Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Wow, you have written 44 stories in half year? I don't think I've seen anyone on Fimfiction more productive than you. And you even find time to read other's stories. How do you manage?

This was lovely. :yay::heart:

Fluttershy catched the glimpse

Past tense should be caught?

The cuteness is over 9000!!!:heart:

This managed to be even more adorable than Fluttershy in the show :heart:
Thanks for the cuteness, Servant :twilightsmile: :pinkiesmile: Now I'm sure I'm gonna sleep with a light heart tonight.

Fluttershy gives the best hugs. Sorry Pinkie... :pinkiegasp:

4360559 Yes, 'caught', my bad :facehoof:. Thanks for pointing it out. :twilightsmile:

4360749 i.imgur.com/dak9uZT.jpg

4360860 Someone, quick CPR! Oh wait, he's undead. :rainbowlaugh:

4361202 Hush now, quiet now it's time to lay your sleepy head :yay:

4361259 I think we should make a competition. Line up everyone! One hug from Pinkie and Fluttershy, then vote for the best hugger! (Oh dear, my heart melted by just imagining this)

4361400 i.imgur.com/o1UNa.gif

We need more hugs. Hugs make everything better.:yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I'd say we should start one of these for real, but most of the people there would probably turn out to be absolute creepers.
And obsidian is such a difficult building material to work with.


And obsidian is such a difficult building material to work with.

Is that a reference to something? :derpyderp1:

That was so good! Fav, up vote and a follow for you. I'd hug you too if I could

Creepers in Minecraft explode and can destroy any blocks except obsidian.
Thus, the only way to make a Creeper-proof building (as any building which would attract creepers, like the Pinkie-Huggins Academy (trademark pending) inevitably would, would have to be) is to use a block that can only be harvested by hitting it with a Diamond pickaxe for 10 seconds (and takes more than 4 minutes to destroy otherwise) and can't be moved or destroyed by any other (reasonable) means.

4362793 Oh. I guess I didn't play Minecraft enough to know that creepers can't destroy obsidian. Good to know.

Too cute!

That was very heartwarming. Pinkie breaking hugging down to a science is one thing, but seeing the ponies Fluttershy made happy with her own hugs made me smile, especially Derpy and Silver Spoon. :pinkiehappy:

4364298 :yay: Did you know that Pinkie Pie's singing voice actress and Silver Spoon's voice actress is the same? (Shannon Chan-Kent)

You get all my dawwwws.

Good stuff.
Flutter shy went on a rampage.
I could hear the game announcer with eveypony she added to her hitlist.. Errr Hug list Yeah.

Wild Huggershy approaches.

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