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Crowquill Symphony

The stallion before you looks to be on the heavy side, a bit too fond of rich food and hard liquors. He twirls the pen in his hoof, eyes half-lidded as he scans the page. "Sup." He says.


Fluttershy wakes up early in the morning with a throbbing headache and a broken leg, alone in the Sweet Apple Orchards, save for Rainbow Dash who she finds lying in a ditch. Together, the two of them go to the hospital and remember what exactly happened last night.

And now for something less formal: Felt like writing something sort and sweet, and this happened. Not sure what to expect, but comments, concerns, questions and constructive criticism are appreciated. Thank you, have a good night/evening/afternoon/morning.

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Comments ( 17 )

Heh, Amusing story. If this is what you write listening to Flannigan's Ball, wonder what would happen if you had Ballroom Blitz on repeat?

Well, I gotta say. Celestia and I had the EXACT same reaction by the end of the fic.

This made us laugh, good job :twilightsmile:

I'm not sure bragging Twilight would be a good idea :facehoof: she's a lightweight when it comes to drinking, like lighter than a feather :rainbowlaugh:

2283889 Not sure, could be interesting though.

2283896 I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

2284166 Then I can now say I've done something productive at half-past midnight.

2284768 Hmm, drunken unicorn magic... wait, that fic's probably been done. Still, interesting insight.

2286046 Its good I assure you, maybe you meant Celestia's reaction in a different context than that which I read it?

2287739 ... Wait, sorry, I mis-remembered my own work. My apologies, I wasn't in my right mind writing or replying to comments. My bad, and thanks for your comments!

2286763 Only if it involves turtle bombs. Rainbow might not be happy with the choice of 'volunteers,' though.

3663849 :yay: : I think you mean Tortoise bombs.

Fluttershy, now's not the time.

3664334 Come on, there's always time for Mine Turtle! :yay: Hello!

3663849 what? You're not a fan of time machines?

3665143 I love time machines, especially when there's drunk science and exploding turtles involved.

3665260 lets accidentally create the first polar bear!

3665320 Then we have to kill all the penguins at the North Pole. :pinkiecrazy:

3667741 ugh what happened *looks at penguin* what is this? *attacks* WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? *kills all penguins*

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