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When Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash meet the Wonderbolts, one of the 'Bolts falls for shy Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash can't handle the rejection and plots revenge, but she finds love in a different Wonderbolt. Meanwhile, Twilight and Applejack have some problems in their relationship when Trixie comes into their lives again.

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So many parts for plot in this! Must read more! *track* :pinkiecrazy:

Can't wait to see whats next. Tracked

*Raises eyebrow*

It seems a bit odd for AJ to invite an unkown pony in and not take a break from any make out session going on. Just sayin'.

:derpyderp1: must see more!!!!

SpitFire is yellow
Its Lightning not Lightening
AppleJack Invites someone in and does not even stop kissing Twilight?

But otherwise its a good story (Track)

There were grammar errors but I'll try not to let that ruin a story:rainbowwild: can't wait for more


143986 WHOOPS.... il fix it right now... and yeah the apple jack part could be changed. :twilightblush:

Well I didn't really look for errors but I did see a ; replacing the l in suddenly. But thought it was good overall. Fluttershys and dashie are my dabs always love a story with them :yay: :rainbowkiss:

Also I've never been the first to comment something so :rainbowwild: first!!

The scene was admittedly a bit rushed, but I'm loving the drama! Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Soarin' is a fucking idiot?


What the bloody hell did I just read? :rainbowhuh:

To all those why are Asking wtf they read:

a fanfic in which fluttershy goes to the hospital in caver lot because of worry/exaushtion and rainbows a dick face and twilight and applejack are in a relationship but applejack doesn't understand two lights need to read.

and spit has a crush on Dash!

welcome sirs.

You said Soain at one point and DIamond Tiara lolz

205375 my spelling isn't the best :derpytongue2:

In this one you said Bkue and ANything Words have only one Capital and K and L are next to each other, you probably pressed the wrong one by accident:pinkiesmile:

The story has too much going on. The Twijack doesn't seem to contribute much to the story. It would be better off just trimming it off into another story. Try to write and order the scenes so that the reader doesn't need to be told when a scene happens.
Apart from being very confusing the story could do with being a bit slower, although that may just be my preference for slower stories.
That said, I enjoyed the story and want more. :yay:

what in tartnation did ah just read:applejackconfused:

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