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Where has Scootaloo been before Ponyville? Where are her parents? Why can’t she grasp the technique of pegasus flying? Why is she so excited about the breezie migration?

And since when can she speak Breezie?

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Fluttershy's 'Let's Go" is not Norwegian. I tried to keep it as it was said in the show.

Scootaloo confirmed for best Breezy. :scootangel:

But wait... why can she fly? :rainbowhuh: You broke canon!

I was wondering when something like this was gonna show up haha pretty good, it's not bad.

Wow, that took a lot less time than I expected it to. Nice story, by the way. :twilightsmile:

Nice story. ^^
Now, if Rainbow made a breeze, could she fly as a pegasus ?

Also, yet another origin story for scootaloo... so far fanon made her (probably not exhaustive list) pegasus-alicorn-changeling-changeling_hybrid-batpony-draconequs-human-alien-mad_scientist_experiment-gallus-time_traveling_paradox-imaginary_creature-breezie... and that's just speaking of her nature...(in before seapony in season5 :facehoof: )

This is one of the few i'd be ok with.

What's a Breezy? Is that like a Flutterpony or something?

They should make a group for that, I'd probably read half of those just for the hell of it.

Yes, this was in my head too:

Poor Scootaloo has no canon origins. Let's give her another fanon one to the long list.


4026531 Watch the last episode "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies" They are the new sentient creatures of My Little Pony and look like the one on the cover photo.

Did any one notice Sea breeze's wife looked like a breeze version:scootangel: of scoots?


The idea for this story came from this art: Home by IchibanGravity. I just looked at Sea Breeze's wife and commented "Sea Breezie's wife looks like Scootaloo.", then someone wrote a comment on me "waitwaitwaitwaitwait.....what if...Scootaloo WAS a Breezie? Would explain why she can't fly", and poof, I had a story to write.

Awesome story :scootangel:

daww a nice little story and dont worry on the Norwegian parts it was good.

men Google kan ta noe feil noen ganger, også vi har bokstavene Æ(œ), Ø(ø), Å(å)

anyway sequel?:scootangel:


anyway sequel?:scootangel:

I feel like this story is complete as is, has a beginning and an end. Scootaloo decided to permanently stay to be a pony, so I can't see how the story could be developed further. The only idea I has is a Fluttershy-Scootaloo adoption story, which is....hm... I'll just put it on my idea list. Maybe one day I'll write it. :raritywink:

4155710 Hehe, we here in Denmark have æ ø and å, too!
Men det lærer man hen af vejen. :rainbowwild:

inb4 The Psychopath :trollestia:

Scootaloo smiled. “Funny huh? I hope that one day, I’ll be able to thank Princess Twilight Sparkle again for her generosity. I mean… she bought me a house!”

Wait, what?!:flutterrage: Okay, I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that! Call me petty, but Twilight never met Scootaloo prior to the pilot episode, let alone seeing the breezies. What gives? :rainbowhuh:

4305044 She's met a future Princess Twilight who time travelled. She can't thank her now because it would make no sense in Scootaloo's current timeline (and might even cause time-paradoxes), at least not until Princess Twilight reaches her jump-back point.

should have sequle

4435047 The sequel is on my to-do list. On one day Fluttershy will catch Scootaloo talking in Breezie, which will escalate into Fluttershy adopting Scootaloo. What do you think? :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Weird Dragon deleted May 29th, 2014

4435254 I love that idea do it soon pleae

4478054 Sorry, but you have to wait a little longer. :ajsleepy:


(The blogpost is not only about Healing Smiles, but rather about a general hiatus)

Nice story. Is there gonna be a sequel?:pinkiehappy::scootangel:

4849015 It's on my long list of 'stuff to write'. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Draco Dei deleted May 15th, 2015

4849350 now this is a great story and makes alot of sense about scootaloo

But... this was one of my ideas... :raritydespair:

Sorry. :pinkiesad2:
I wrote the next day after the breezie episode aired.

Headcanon accepted! Also, as a Swedish person with a bit of understanding of Norwegian, I enjoyed the Breezie talk.

However, despite, or maybe because, me being Swedish, I don't really see how the Breezie language is supposedly Scandinavian. I guess it might be, but I haven't really heard a Scandinavian language that sounds anything like that.

“Kan vindene veilede deg, brødre og søstre. [May the winds guide you, brothers and sisters.]”. Minor spelling error with 'kan', I looked it up and it doesn't translate to 'may', it translates to 'can', just to let you know.


Not a bad story.:pinkiehappy: Nor a bad idea.:pinkiehappy: It would be interesting to read a full story centered around this.:pinkiesmile:

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