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All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way. Yeah, all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way.


Being the most senior Wonderbolt now that Spitfire has retired, Fleetfoot is the one who gets the final say in which applicants get accepted as cadets. It's a pretty cut and dry job; either the pony she's evaluating meets the flight skill requirements, or they don't.

Or they're not a pony and the only thing Fleetfoot has to go on is her gut.

Cover image is just some vectors I found because unlike most of my other fics, this one wasn't picture prompted. It was a one sentence prompt from Nitro Indigo saying "A nonpony joins the Wonderbolts."

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Wow So now the wonderbolts are getting the creatures to join in That's pretty cool I did feel the Breezie He really as determined to become a wonderbolts But unfortunately hes too small too slow to be in the wonderbolts But at least he made history try to be so For him it's not a total lost And I didn't know smolder join the Wonderbolts I thought it was silverstream Oh well Anyway this was a pretty interesting story And I did like your note of a flashback of fleetfoot

Very good story! I loved the Breezie's heart and determination, as well as the A/N at the end!

What a great little story! Super wholesome and fun.

Okay, yeah, that was adorable.

Is Redcap supposed to be the background breezie who wears a mushroom hat?

Anyway, I didn’t notice any differences from the Reddit version, but I still like this oneshot. I generally prefer comedies that ultimately have happy endings, rather than cynical ones.


I kinda had to reverse engineer the cover art for this one, since unlike my other Snippets, the story was made up from whole cloth. If I had been able to find a backgroundless Derpi image of the mushroom hat Breezie, I’d have used it. Oh well. Hopefully the story stands well enough on its own. I like stories where the protagonist doesn’t win it all, but they win enough. Life’s what you make of it, after all.

Also, the only difference between the Reddit draft and the final draft is the flashback conversation in the authors notes. I felt like Fleet needed some more character building.

I just noticed that the breezie on the cover has a horn.

Aaaaaand now I want to crawl into a hole somewhere and die.

This is a nice cute story. It's an interesting premise and it's explored well. It's nice to see that Redcap still made history.

I will say this is the second story I've seen that mentioned Fleetfoot had a speech impediment. I can't say I noticed that in the show itself.

Good story, really glad Redcap don't get a "pity pass". Sometimes no matter how hard you try or how much you want something you just can't get it. Redcap too the victory he could however, he tried.


Fleetfoot doesn’t get a lot of lines, but this clip from Newbie Dash features her lisp pretty noticeably. (Timestamped to 1:12 for convenience).

After getting someone to research and cast a self-controllable growth-and-density spell on him, Redcap will be back next tryout cycle.

Excellent work, especially the use of Fleetfoot's lisp and the epilogue.

Also, Breezies are freaking weird.

Great story wordsmith!

Gotta give it to the breezie for having the guts to at least try to enlist. Been there. I know that feeling.

Really glad that someone gaave Fleetfoot a time in the spotlight. She's one of the Wonderbolts I remember the most, thanks to her hilarious moments in "Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair", my favourite comic. But other than that and her lisp, she didn't have much to standout as a character.

So I find it both funny and quite cute that that one trait comes center stage in this story. Short, but sweet. Just like the other stories I've read from you.

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