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This story is a sequel to To be a Breezie

Accompanying Twilight as she returned from her expedition in his world, the breezie Honeydew has to learn how to live with his marefriend... in the incomprehensible vastness that is the world of Equestria.

the amazing cover was drawn by Kaleido

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Come on, Twilight, make him a pony for a day. He needs the experience, and we already know you can do it!

actually, all we know is that she can turn ponies into other things.

Hm. She would probably have sizing/ponifying spell for him.

Would she?

Would be pretty interesting to see his experiences for the same place and the same people while being a breezy and than while being a pony.

Thank you for the sequel!!!

9834367 Nope, she turned all of the Mane 6 into Breezies for that episode, so species is not a barrier to their OTP.

yes, that doesnt mean she can cast the same spell on a breezie to do the reverse.

9834392 Oh, come on. You can't daaaaw a little about the mental image of the two of them curled up inside a tulip bloom, sharing sips of nectar while observing the pollination process at extremely close range?

oh, thats not a problem. its turning Honeydew big that is the issue

yay!! chapter 1!! also, lol twi should have known better. silly filly that one..

Oh man I feel kinda bad for honey

that pic is great lol

*Sees cute looking romance fic with a tiny stallion*
*Sees E rating*

This'll be an awesome look on the lives of ponies, is this first chapter is any indication. Insta fave, will wait anxiously for more :twilightsmile:

Bah, you'll find just about anything if you search hard enough. Just slap an exclude everyone tag on.

Actually, not for breezies. We are sorely lacking for all sorts of stories with them, even in that category. If you were to look for it, you would find only 2.

Very nice, I actually prefer if honey stays tiny as this would provide an entirely new perspective of the world

Thats the plan ;)

Well... the comment did say "a tiny stallion."

If all else fails, I suppose one could search on Derpibooru. The tagging system there is much more varied, and there tends to be thousands of images unless you're doing a very specific search.

This story is awesome! Even though this is just the first chapter, I still think it's amazing and it will be epic by the time it's done.

thanks. I like your stories too ^^

While I get it that Twilight was more than eager to actually sleep in her own bed at last, she probably should talk with Honeydew about his fears and get herself turned back to a breezie each night to keep him company. As for not being able to turn him into a pony, in this world of magic and wonders I'd personally consider this a "because writer said so" issue. :P

And yes, it might have quite some interesting implications, but I am eagerly awaiting a moment when she finally can / manages to get him to pass the "you have to be this tall to explore Equestria" sign without having to sneak around it.

Completely random thought that just occurred to me: If / when she comes around to testing spells to get him upsized, initially there might be a *tiny* misfire that makes him only foal sized and thus nearly cuddled to death and Twi nearly having a cuteness overdose. And then let him try ice cream. Feel free to steal this idea if you wish. ^^

that is a great idea, and I would love to do it, unfortunately I am in the process of dying from a heart attack because of how insanely well this sequel is doing (seriously, To Be a Breezie almost reached two-thousand views in a day, where the previous best didnt even reach five-hundred)

I wonder what Honeydew’s reaction will be when he finds a fridge....

...do... ponies have fridges? I cant recall from the top of my mind

Well, take Sugarcube corner’s background for example, they have ovens and other ‘electronics’

Fairly sure I seen those. Not sure they are actually electronic instead of magic, but I'm sure they have them.

oki doki, so there might be a fridge scene. but NO PROMISES :flutterrage:

I am now imagining a very, very tiny winter coat for a polar expedition to the icecream.

that is adorable and might happen in the Rarity chapter :P

That's fame for you. :P Feel free to celebrate, at least as long as you don't resemble your avatar.
"Twilight enslaved ice spirits to do her bidding, this is insane. Her might truly is incomprehensible..."
I can imagine Twilight looking for Honeydew, hearing some clank or whatever from the fridge, opening it, and there he is braving the frozen wasteland to reach the holy grail of ice cream... Can we have Honeydew absolutely loving ice cream? It's, like, the ultimate victory over winter. "Taking what makes you miserable and turning it into something delicious".

Oh, I so would resemble my avatar if I didnt have to drive to work tomorrow... sigh.

If my working place didnt set my vacation for me (they're allowed to do that sadly), I would have totally taken off today

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdvpRQF0vw8 So I saw this today... seemed like a semi appropriate place to share it.

My muzzle involuntarily wrinkled at the bitter taste spreading in my mouth. And yet, there was a hint of something interesting there. Dipping my feelers in once more, I drank a little more. No, it was still disgusting! and yet, I wanted to drink more regardless? Was this some kind of magic water? I supposed another test was required…

It's terrible but wonderful at the same time, it's like freedom in a cup!

I will say it right now, you have done an excellent job here.
Especially if writing was difficult for you and words would not come easily to write. But I want you to know that I created this account about 20 minutes ago . To tell you that this fanfic is great. You drill through a difficult topic about Breezies in pony world so don't be discouraged.
I hope my first post is not too melodramatic and sorry for my poor english.:fluttershbad:

awww... you're warming my hear- AAAH, TOO HOT, TOO HOT! :raritycry:

Well done sir/ma'am. Nice little bit of world building, and I suddenly can't get the thought of how Twi's parents are going to react out of my head.

Nice chapter but I can't help thinking if or when someone is gonna bring up the option of twilight turning him into a pony :twilightblush:

Comment posted by NotBurgerShot deleted Oct 28th, 2019

Amazing look on someone we'd call "primitive" in technological levels not only seeing civilization from the inside, but a civilization of giants of, to him, unfathomable power. One or the other could be easily surpassed, but both? Both become quite hard.

What he needs is talking to both Twilight and Fluttershy on the rise of civilization, the former on it as a whole and the latter on Breezie's, so he can get the notion not only they traveled in time but also that he's from a time Before. Understanding that's not some kind of super power but simply organization and the good old sweat, blood and tears that makes things be that "easy" would make wonders for his self esteem.

The call out on weather control, celestial body control and trick monsters was hilarious though :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if it will come up that Honeydew is from the past and there really is no going back, regardless I'm sure our little brezzy will find his way, and if not I'm sure Twilight will throw enough magic to eather fix everything or turn Honeydew into a fifty pony tall brezzy

This is an amazing chapter, you really are doing great at world building and looking at the world from Honey’s perspective!

Blood, sweat and tears combine to make an amazing chapter! Definitely creeping up into one of my favourite fics

Why would there be no going back?

Too epic for words, and so worth the wait.

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