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Each pony in Ponyville is different, but some are more different than others.

Everyone knows that Pinkie Pie is unique. But not how unique...

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okay what

I think I just...

Yeah. Yeah...

Woo Woo!

What the---?:applejackconfused:
You had me until the end.:facehoof:

Ahahaha, "Two peas in a pod" reference:rainbowlaugh:

Oh my, Celestia, I'm dying!

“Uh, is there anyone in Ponyville who is actually a pony?”

Oh, Blueshift. Whatever are we going to do with you. :ajbemused:

The Star Wars reference was hilarious

And once again, Twilight never told anyone about her peaness until it was too late.

Fantastic little blob of random. Thank you for it. Though I have to wonder, what was Derpy? My guess is an avatar of Discord.

My head hurts... :facehoof:
But I like it! :pinkiehappy:

I... I don't... what?

Blue you're crazy. The good kind of crazy.

I don't know what I just read, but I like it!:pinkiehappy:

What in the what just happened?

... :rainbowderp:
I knew it :trixieshiftleft:

“Uh, is there anyone in Ponyville who is actually a pony?”
That little purple colt in the dragon costume?

I am just lost...

Who, of course, wasn't invited to the party anyway.

This is the funniest pony story I've ever read, and that includes the one where pinkie turned out to be an eldrich old god. Great job!!!!!!!!!

I think the only appropriate response to this is the word JAM! written in as goofy a manner possible.

I remember that episode. That was funny.
And then it turns out that Ponyville is actually a bunch of termites. No one knows how they haven't eaten their cover yet.

ummmmmmmmmmmmm......that was.....um....interesting:rainbowhuh:

4204215 Of course not!

Everypony is actually a changeling, silly! :pinkiehappy:

That was a good story. Nothing but changelings and Celestia.

Umm...is there anypony who actually WAS a pony?


Argh, you are so right! That should have been there! Curse me for not thinking it up! :facehoof:

4207410 You really need to buy a dictionary, it's spelled everything not everypony.:moustache:


Do changelings count as pony? I have no idea! :twilightoops:

4208370 In Ponyville changelings count as everything; ponies, lampposts, benches, pets, trash cans, tables, dishes, couches, shrubs... literally everything.:moustache:

I see that Rari-ling! :raritywink: And while that could be a reference to Wanderer D or SS&E, a squirrel-piloted Applejack would definitely be one of SS&E's pseudopons!

What does it say about the fandom that this is not actually the first "character is a vehicle piloted by [thing]" story I have seen...

Perhaps I should instead be more surprised that this is only the second...!

And thats how Equestria was made.

4208355 That was a different story.

There were several in which either everypony or everything was a changeling.

Including one that actually took it seriously... which was just weird. :rainbowhuh:

4204193 Good, I'm not the only one who got that.

Hey look, its meet dave! :pinkiehappy:
...also MIND = BOOOM


I absolutely freaking loooved this story.

Two things:



“Oh.” Ocean Breeze wrung her feelers together, beads of sweat dripping down her forehead. “Sorry ma’am, I thought we were doing a ‘thing’. Because like, it’s ironic as we really are in here.”


“That’s no pony, it’s a battle station!”

Okay, you got me. I actually laughed out loud.

Wait? How did you get Midnightshadow to edit your story!? I've been dying to have him edit one of mine ever since I heard him on Bronyville's podcast!


I took his photo once and thus stole his soul!

4213712 Phase 1: Buy a camera with which to steal souls.

Phase 2: ???

Phase 3: Profit!


4208578 Cuz they did that in Doctor Who, who did it after it was done in "Trigun" the manga (Grey the Ninelives), who did it after Calvin & Hobbes, where Calvin was being 'piloted' by many little versions of himself (a sight gag which Spongebob later used as well), who did it after it was actually done first in a "Twilight Zone" episode.

Or was it an "Outer Limits" episode? Hmm... and that episode was based on a sci-fi short story, as I recall.

It's actually been used a heck of a lot.



They had a comic strip on the same idea running in the Beano - the Numbskulls, which actually dated as far back to the Beezer in 1962. So, yeah, its not a new idea at all.

But I spent a good five or six years pre-pony reading Naruto fanfiction extensively (as well as Harry Potter to slightly lesser extent) and I never saw that particular idea crop up even once in either of those fandoms. And the amount of written fanfiction in those two categories - Fanfiction.net's two biggest by a large margin - is maybe now only equalled or exceeded by those on this site. (Anypony know if there are any stats on how many stories there are on Fimfic? I'm curious now.)

So seeing it done even once, let alone twice, is still a little noteworthy.

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