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Tired always.

What are the readers saying?

"A passive aggressive bitch."

"With that tired cliche you've lost me."

"Monsieur Delicate Sensibillities."

"I suppose there's some sort of an inside joke here but I'm not getting it."

"Wow, what a fucking emo."

"Please forget about this story again."

"Well I was slightly interested, but then Celestia's characterization just killed any desire to read on."

"There is so much wrong with how the chapter begins - the first two paragraphs made my skin crawl."

"I think my mind is breaking."

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I knew I recognized that symbol from somewhere!

Couple reasons.

1. Didn't wanna keep using someone else's art as my profile pic.
2. It's a reference to darkest dungeon as symbol representing stress, which I tend to have a lot of lately. https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/darkestdungeon_gamepedia/thumb/4/43/Irrational.png/350px-Irrational.png?version=c219749776a13f7696edeeb8e75de902
3. LGBTQIA+ Pride

You had the last one for years though. Why'd you want to change it to a rainbow colored neck-torture device?

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