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Cloudy Skies

Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.


Celestia likes her routine. Tax reforms, grants, laws and construction projects are all a princess needs to be content.

It's just her luck that for Pinkie Pie, "content" is not nearly enough.

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Commence read.

Celestia and Pinkie Pie. Hm.

Already at about 20k words. This should prove interesting.

Chapter 1:
Twilight should have a spell for ink. That would save her money and practice her magic. Plus she wouldn't use up an entire town's reserve.

“Okie-dokie! Naptime!” she declared, headbutting her pillow and consigning herself to a nap.

The Pinkie way of taking a nap? I do this as well, from time to time.

Chapter 2:
If I were a guard, I would play cards with Pinkie. Though it looks like slacking off, I am detaining her from causing any other political mishaps.

Pinklestia? Without it being that horrible off-color toy? Good Heavens!

And marked for reading very soon!

:pinkiegasp: It's here! I've been strangely excited about reading this since it was announced. I bet there's going to be balloons, and streamers... :pinkiehappy:

Good first chapter, though clearly it's just scene setting so far.

I've been oddly reluctant to read anything by you since finishing Within and Without. I guess there was a little worry "what if it wasn't as good as Within and Without?" Then there was the even more illogical, "what if it was, or better?" I guess I never claimed to always make sense. But, I don't know, for some reason I'm not reticent about read this at all. It's probably because it has Pinkie in it.

Question... How the hell is this featured? Not saying it's bad, because it isn't, but... Just look for a moment.

Oh Celestia, why would you update with nineteen thousand words? I got things I gotta do, man! :raritydespair:

I wish I had some awesome quote or something to go with this, Cloudy. You know my thoughts and stuff. All I can do is to reiterate what Cupcakes said: gimme rest of fic plz :pinkiehappy:

2147698 I've often wondered the same thing. Sometimes the oddest shit will pop up.

Pinkie held a half-dozen playing cards in her hooves, and a matching set of six lay face-down in front of one of the hapless guards.
“That’s okay, I’ll play for you!” Pinkie said. “Hm. And I think... you’re bluffing!”

You write Pinkie with just the right amount and shade of Pinkie-randomness. I'm impressed. Pinkie is a character I have no idea how to write.

2147800 Whatever. I'm just bitter that my story isn't featured. This story is better than mine though, so...

2147810 I know mines WAY better :yay: . Knighty just has it out for me

Bucking awesome. It's been forever since I've seen a good Pinkie/Celestia. And this one looks damn good. : ) Hope to see more updates as you can, really wanna see where this goes, especially with how confused Celestia seems with everything. This gives her personality, which is kinda rare for her to have in fics. : )

Vague ideas were like the cookie dough to the cookies of plans.

If I hadn't already been sold on this, by the time I read that line I just knew I'm gonna be tracking this story.


You came to a story, and said your story is better than this one. You also did so with some of the shittiest post-crafting I've seen this side of a leet-freak. Downvoting, because of stupid.

This is some golden shit over here. 10/10, would read again.

2147898 I'm sorry :raritydespair: I've shamed fimfiction and all who post stories on it. I shall hide in a cave for the rest of my of days :ajsleepy: ... May god have mercy on my pitiful soul. On the other hand, that was my worst comment to date! 5 downvotes is decent but I'll definitely need to work on that.
Edit v3: 15 Down votes!? DAMN! 15 is my goal ladies and gentlemen. Y'all have won my favor. Congratulations!

mein gott talk about an uncommon ship.
I think my eyebrows set an altitude record.

Aww, and here I thought I was the only one capable of shipping these two.

Well, this makes a change. Celestia doesn't seem to get as much varity in her ships as most, does she? So points for novelty, on top of a good story.

Nice work.

I had high expectations for this and, as per usual, you didn't disappoint. Have a Pinkie-smile; :pinkiehappy:

2147698 Uhh, perhaps because the author being Cloudy Skies is pretty much a guarantee that you're in for a good shipping story? Not that the name is necessarily the important bit because, as expected, this was indeed a pretty great shipping story. Don't leave this kind of comment on a perfectly good, well-over-average quality fic, just because you're butthurt you're not getting featured.

2148266 And you're just being a troll. Stop that, it isn't funny.

2148654 I'm Sorry It really is a good story. I could care less about the feature box. It's all bout those people who favorited. I can't help it if there is a perfect opportunity to troll begging to be taken advantage of!

I favorited this before reading cause I knew it was going to be amazing.

I was right. This is my new favorite ship.

Have a smile! :pinkiehappy:

The comment section on this chapter seemed lonely. So here's a comment.

Also, workaholic Celestia is now my headcanon.

Hmmm........ I'm enjoying this.

I like the way you explore the group dynamics in your ships. You write the characters very well, Pinkie particularly so, that's one of the many reasons I keep coming back to your fics.

2148677 There wasn't such an opportunity. First you showed a complete lack of respect of the author by essentially saying this should not be featured - without stating any reasons for this - and then, when someone showed their dislike of your attitude you attempted to ridicule both him and the situation. It isn't funny. Don't be a jerk to authors, and don't be a jerk to commentors.

Yay! Now I have something to read this weekend, since I'm not going to get to sit still until then. Thanks, Cloudy!

2148654 I didn't mean to come off as a jealous asshole, and I said this story was better than mine. In what way did I say this story was bad and mine was better? I think you have me confused with 2147824 who is an asshole for coming to the story and saying his is better.

You clearly didn't read my next comment, and you misunderstood. I was asking how this was featured based on the low read count and like count, not the quality.

You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

And ohmigosh Celestia and Pinkie Pie hooking up with be so adorable.

2148746 Sir please don't start an argument without properly reading my comment.

I've often wondered the same thing. Sometimes the oddest shit will pop up.

Where in this comment did I mention the author or story? I didn't because I am honestly confused by the system Knighty uses to feature. I also never mentioned the target of my trolling. If anyone was offended by my ten word comment then I sincerely apologize, but I'm not going to beg for any forgiveness. I made the comments and they aren't going anywhere. I also never downvoted the authors story nor did I mention his name so I don't really see where someone could get insulted by that.
If you feel the need to discuss this issue any further I'll be happy to chat it up with PM's. Have a nice day sir :twilightsheepish:

This is all kinds of amazing.

2148802 Well, that was terribly hard to infer by your original comment. I suppose an apology for misunderstanding is in order, but be wary of how you phrase such things. You came off as terribly disrespectful and butthurt, wether you were or not.

2148853 You didn't mention the author or story in your comment, no. Neither did you mention that it was the system that had you confused though, and seeing as you were in the comment section for this story, the logical assumption would be that that what was you were refering to when not mentioning otherwise, would it not? And I am not suggesting you remove your comments, merely that you should show respect for others, authors in particular.

2148940 Yes, quite. I think it's the first Pink-lestia story I've read, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It's a stupid ship and I wouldn't have thought it would be able to float, but it does. Very well in fact.

2148942 Does this really need to go on? I have a user page and you have access to PM's. If you still feel the need to drag this out than it's no skin off my nose. Otherwise, this was a nice chat and I apologize, once again, for the little misunderstanding. It's over now. Have a cinnamon roll :pinkiehappy:

2148945 i think cloudy is some form of word wizard, considering how everything he writes is brilliant.

2148942 I apologize for creating the situation of a misunderstanding.

you didn't fall for the standard and overused trap of taxes, and i thought for sure you were going to.
Bravo, I must say, Bravo.


The only other one of Pinklestia I know of is " And the Sun was going down...on Pinkie Pie". It had a clop and non-clop version and either way it was pretty good, if not long enough for my taste. I do like to see the originality in ship fics like this one, only other original one I know of is Trixlestia in "Royal Pleasures". Celestia and Luna don't really get much past the basic ships I think.

Dear Princess Celestia,

It has come to my attention that Pinkie Pie is attempting to make you happy against your will. Your resistance to this process is foolish, especially for one as experienced in the world as you are.

First, you are unwilling to find happiness, which is something of a paradox in itself, as successfully avoiding happiness would produce some degree of positive reaction, making the avoidance unsuccessful and removing the reason for the happiness thus found; considering that paradoxes and other such nonsense are quite firmly within my domain, as set out in our previous agreements, you should stop this at once. As the embodiment of Chaos, I am allowed to break those agreements if I desire, but you most certainly are not.

Second, the power within Pinkie Pie is of such magnitude that it doubtless easily dwarfs your own at this time. You were strong once, but the last thousand years have clearly diminished your strength. Why, even that upstart Chrysalis was able to overpower you with nothing but the strength of a single pony's love backing her up. Pinkie Pie, on the other hand, regularly warps reality itself with a degree of ease that impresses even me.

Third, Pinkie Pie has excellent taste, and you could really improve things around Equestria by imitating her. For example, she alone of a large number of ponies truly appreciated the wonders of cotton candy clouds and chocolate rain when exposed to them. Again, excellent taste.

With that said, it remains up to you to make your decision, but if you continue to ignore this opportunity, I will be most disappointed in you.

Your Garden Statuary,

Comment posted by Draven Eclipse deleted Feb 20th, 2013

“Speaking of down with a good song,” Pinkie said, squinting at the open door that led to the kitchen. “Spike, what gives? Nothing?”


Oh, the laughing! It hurts. Making it hard to breathe. Thank you.

Normally I field some overly long comment about various aspects of the story. The emotions it evokes, the way the characters are presented.
Yeah, nuts to that this time. But I can't resist a bit.

Your Pinkie is a proper mix of facepalmingly foalish, and utterly sweet. It, in turn, reminds me why I hate Pinkie, and why I adore Pinkie. In other words, just like canon!Pinkie does all the time. Nice.

Bureaucralestia is a very sad character indeed, even more horrifyingly repressed than most takes on her. So... perfect for this fic, in other words. It always amazes me how many varied yet believable takes one can have on a single character.

In brief conclusion, this crackship is hilarious and must be read. Thus I am forced (kicking and screaming no doubt) to Fav' this and enjoy every damn chapter to come.

I'm really enjoying this interpretation of Celestia; if I had to put a name to it I'd call her a rock farmer, except the rocks are ponies and the farm is Equestria. This of course makes Pinkie the perfect counterpart for her.

I am truly pleased that you went with Los Pegasus, rather than Las Pegasus. I remember there being some confusion over what was being reference when the episode aired, and Angeles over Vegas is clearly the correct answer.

Here's to looking forward, and watching this play out.

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