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When Discord defeated the Alicorn sisters during the War of Chaos, he declared himself King of All Equestria, banishing Celestia to the Mirrorworld and turning Luna into a shadow. Now, 3000 years later, he rules with the help of his Royal Mage, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie, his Royal Jester. Together, the trio go on many strange adventures thorugh a world of chaos.

But Twilight holds a secret that could end Discord's rule.

Assuming she can stay sane long enough, that is.

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This could become pretty kinky-

*teen tag*


Naw, this was a good story.

No clop for you!

But yeah, glad you like it.


No clop for you!

Are you sure? How well do you know your own story?

We've turned this good mans comment section into this.
We are truly horrible, horrible people.

I'm so sorry Charles.

Dude, you're almost as bad as Hitler
and he was the one who killed Hitler!
Even worse, he was the guy who killed the guy who killed Hitler.

>wakes up
>sees that many comments have been left on my story
>thinks that people are talking about it

In other news;
THORAX IS READING (or at least commentating) ONE OF MY STORIES! BUCK YES! [fangasm] [faints]

Sorry, but you are one of my favourite authors on the site.

So yeah, achievement unlocked.

Well I enjoyed the description so I though I'd give it a read, and I enjoyed the story so I decided to comment, and then I saw Regidar and everything went to hell.

Regidar—sending everything to hell in a handbasket.

Lol, viewing number: 69.

I hereby declare the score on this story to be three chickens out of a rhino for it's excellent use of Discord. Long may he rain. (chocolate milk, that is)

Three chickens out of a rhino? Thats mighty generous of you. And here I thought it was only worth limes.

So wait... Let me see if I get this strait... A world where Discord reigns as King and Pinkie Pie and Twilight are his two side-by-side mares as a mage and jester, with Pinkie Pie being the only pony who is simply just as "with on with the chaos" as Discord, since we all know she is the biggest supporter of Discord's discord, and then there's Twilight, being the little harmony lover that she is, is secretly rebelling against him... And there's gonna be eventual TwiPie? Dangit... And yet I'm not all that surprised.

I will still read this, fear not. This story is better than trying to feed a gummy worm the heart of a virgin lion. I just... prefer DisPie over TwiPie....

To be honest, I am still in two minds about the TwiPie. Heck, could become Discolight (I have a few scenes in my head which assume this), there could be a wacky love triangle between the three of them, or it could be compleatly platonic. As for DiscoPie...meh, I prefer a bit of contrast to my pairings, Discord and Pinkie feel more like... I dunno, siblings? They are just too similar.

In my original notes, the ship was Discolight, but in practice Twilight and Pinkie meshed better. Hum, maybe I'll try my hand at wacky love triangle.

Heck, I don't even know why I bothered with notes in the first place—this chapter is compleatly different from how I planned it. For a start, Celestia and Luna were supposed to be his to most loyal servants, having learnt their lesson 3000 years ago. That idea is well and truly out the window.

I'm finding all these changes rather apt for a story about a world ruled by Discord.

Okay, now I am just rambling.

And Pinkie's not compleately on board with Discords chaos—sure, she loves a good laugh as much as the next minion of chaos, but she still has that streak of kindness that points out the differance between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.

Or at least, I hope she does. This story does kinda have a life of its own.:pinkiegasp:

1911259 So that's the reasoning as to why most people don't see DisPie.... Man... Oh well I'm sure this story can still come out on top with some wild adventures and a bit of some dark humor... Hehehehe...

And if all that is the case... Yeah. I think this story is forming into a new life.:pinkiecrazy:

No, Story! You will do as I command! I am your creator! Obey me!


Et tu, story?

Yeah, its pretty much like that.

1911430 Hehehehe.... Not very easy when a story gets out of control eh?

I am cheese.

I'm liking this story so far, very interesting. My only problem with it is the comments section... I need to stop looking down when I'm reading...

I wish I could have slept in until quarter past watermelon today. I had to get up at ten til knitting needle to go to work. And I made the foolish decision to stay up til faucet.

In other news, this story is great. Better than chocolate rain. Which I love, so long as it is not chocolate milk rain. That wouldn't agree with my stomach. PS, I love the Twilestia interaction. I can't wait to see more. Theirs is my favorite relationship in the show (in any context: romantic, platonic, or familial, just so you don't feel any pressure to make the love triangle a quadrilateral).

Good for you! Here, have a Pinkie :pinkiehappy:

Dat Regidar :facehoof:
I'm glad you like it!

Yeah, you're going to see a lot of Twilight and Celestia, starting next chapter, I do believe. You have to wonder though, has being trapped in a mirror for 3000 years changed Celestia?

Okay, added the random and romance tags to the story. Random, because Discord is a main character and he's gonna get up to some wacky, if douchey, stuff, and romance, cause might as well. At the very least, its extreame friendshipping.

1913742 I'm sure it has changed her. But I'm looking forward to seeing how. And seeing more Twilight/Celestia interaction. :twilightsmile::heart: I'm excited for more! :yay:

Well, you're in luck for that's how chap 2 starts.

Well, i wonder his celestia is going to react to that? :ajsmug:
Any way, i hope this turns out to be a discolight fictions but you know, what ever :trollestia:

Well, originally, it was. However, it has changed so much since I came up with the concept half a week ago, I don't even want to guess at what happens in the next chapter, let alone how the long term romance turns out.

It's actually kinda fun to write like this.

AAAaaaaggghh... DiscoLight? Maaan. Much rather have TwiPie. Plus if you really are going the whole Discord marries Twilight to crash a wedding, then I could totally see eventual TwiPie bringing in some LOLs.

Either way, story following your orders or bending YOU to ITS whim, I'm still liking this... Just trying to chant myself that "He's only marrying Twilight for a game. Its not meant to be seriously. Discord probably wouldn't even take something like that seriously anyway." over and over.

Discord take the wedding seriously? Hell no. Heck, Twilight isn't going to take it seriously. Pinkie might, however.

Really, Discord's only doing it because Twilight told him not to.

1927923GOOD!! That's another thing to chant to myself.

xD This is fantastic. I truly am enjoying this story. Looking forward to more chapters.

GASP! I got a dislike! This! Is! The! Worst! Possible! Thing! :raritydespair:

That was pretty much my reaction.

I like this story! :twilightsmile: I'm looking forward to the royal wedding, also, are there changeling's in this universe?

Yes, but I haven't quite figured out how to slide them in yet.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: poor Twilight
getting married to Discord:twilightoops:

Truly, a fate worse than gak.

This was very enjoyable read. :pinkiehappy:

Edit. Oh... Huh... WOOOO!!! FIRST!
Okay... I must take this responsibly and... Do something good. :twilightoops:

First of all. I did like the story from beginning and overall you have a like from me.
But first comment is a chapter review or something... So here goes.

From first sentences to the last ones chapter flow is just perfect. No rush and no drag. Pacing is just as good as it can be (imho).
While this is comedy it has lots of moments that show that main character is scared and emotions are shown wonderfully.
With this style of how chapters go it seems to allow some random things to happen and they are taken in as if "it is like this and I'm okay with that".

Sorry, I can't write anything more because I'm not a reviewer. Sorry again. :twilightoops:

I'm glad you liked it.

[response to review]

From first sentences to the last ones chapter flow is just perfect. No rush and no drag. Pacing is just as good as it can be (imho).

Oh good, I have had pacing issues in the past, so I am glad that I am improving on that.

While this is comedy it has lots of moments that show that main character is scared and emotions are shown wonderfully.

Thats exactly what I am going for and I am happy that it has come across.

With this style of how chapters go it seems to allow some random things to happen and they are taken in as if "it is like this and I'm okay with that".

Pretty much. The cloud scene didn't exist until I wrote it, and it's the same with many of the gags (frequent flyer miles—that was actually my own frustration coming in—it had taken 2000 words to get to the dress fitting and we are still not there!). As such, it feels (to me) to be very organic and alive.

And don't worry about not being a reviewer, any commentary is good commentary. If you want an easy guideline to follow when reveiwing, however, why not check out Authors Helping Authors, where a bunch of authors read and comment on each others work.

I totaly did not push the "unpublish" button by accident. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:


this is pretty great.

It gets better. I totally freaked out when I started planing the next chapter simply from how Crazy it's going to be.

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