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    I Speak, It Becomes

    Celestia remembers not being born, but she remembers being thrust into the air like sword steel, white hot to be tempered in the oil of life. She cooled with a coat of white dawn, her mane rippling with the hues of morning. Her hooves touched the sand, crackling it into glass as all who saw her threw themselves at her mercy. Fear like gravity, forced them to their knees, set their teeth, and shook their hearts.

    She was the Sun incarnate. Voiceless, yet deafening.

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It was great to see you, too!

I'm very grateful you gave my iron author entry a mention. I'll work on publishing something soon, hopefully.

Great to meet you at EFNW!


I’m sleepy and I just want to say that you look like me IRL.

That is all.

I came out here to attack you and I'm honestly just having such a good time right now

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