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Magical Space Lich

Aotrs Commander (or to give him his correct rank in the Army Of The Red Spear, Commadore Bleakbane (he's been promoted since he started using that moniker) or just Bleakbane or "the Lich" to what passes for his friends) is a Lawful Evil, megalomanical, omnicidal spirit-bound space-Lich (which is to say, he works in Space on the Aotrs sector station Bleak Despair), who happens to have a keen interest in Pony and a starship obsession. (Stranger things have happened.) Due to a series of events too far complex to relate, thanks to the Giant in the Playground forum's ponythread, now composed of a sort of mithril alloy rather than bone, which he is quite happy about.

His record on fanfics is amazing, for a given value of "amazing", having writing three whole very short fanfics (only one of which is Pony) in twelve years.

He can also talk for hours about himself in the third person, because he's just that awesome and also because he suffers a bit from Lich racial monologuing tendancy, so he probably ought to stop now, else he'll be at this for simply ages.

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On the Army Of The Red Spear 010A: A Guide to the Army Of The Red Spear Part Eight: Postscript · 3:14pm March 27th

(Because it defeated even FimFic apparently to do this in one post...)

Devil Storm Light Munitions Vehicle

Length: 5.04m
Width: 2.40m
Height: 2.41m

The Devil Storm is a light munitions vehicle. Lightly armoured and shielded, it is very fast, though as a low-grav vehicle, unable to truly fly as some of the other Aotrs grav vehicles can.

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2501640 consider me warned and eagerly awaiting.


*tips helmet*

I am, I'm afraid, not very active on this particular bit of site (well, in terms on this precise bit of Fimfiction, i.e. my bit; Fimfiction is one of the three permenantly open tabs on my browser every day). That, is however, largely because I have gotten used to the somewhat captive audience of the Giant in the Playground ponythread, who were daft enough to encourage me about sven years ago, and have not been able to get shot of me since. (And thus get subjected to frequent ramblings, drivel and occasional guff about the Aotrs and whatnot. Occasionally, some of it is even tangentially pony-related; but ponythread is sort of a mini-community within itself now, though one that is now sometimes very quiet.)

As you will however, have noticed, I tend to monologue at the drop of a hat (which is of course, something of a racial trait of Liches).

This is compounded by my have a nasty tendancy to sheer-bloody-mindedness to finish what I start (which is why I have only got two stories up here, because those were the only two I have got enough motivation/energy to write and know I could actually finish), even if it comes to it I'm pretty sure no-one is listening. Which can be a bit of a time-sink. (E.g., I am currently boring ponythread with my second EUIV playthrough - which I'm trying to finish so I can bore them with an X-Com 2 playthrough - and also blithering about Pokemon XYZ on the site Pokémopolis, where I started talking about Black/White as I went through and engaging the folk in discourse until I reached the end of the second season and had a hiatus while I waited fo the DVDs... And once resumed, I'm not sure anyone is paying attention now, but the aforementioned bloody-mindedness compels me to finish.)

So, I have not succumbed to the urge to fill Fimfic with blogs with random Aotrs gubbins partly because once I got started, I probably wouldn't stop, whether or not anyone was listening and partly because very little is pony-related. (Now, I grant you, of almost all of the folks whose blogs read aren't either, but there you go.)

But... You may have made the fatal mistake of Asking Questions, so there is a possibilty they may Get Answered at some point. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Your exceptional comment on chapter four of Spa and Order made me realize I clearly need to hear more of your words, ergo a follow and a request to hear more about your fascinating lich-lifestyle.

Achievement Unlocked!

You have earned the...

While normally I'd post a cute, silly, and customized message...AAAAAA, I'M IN THE FEATURE BOX AND THEY'RE POURING IN LIKE THE FLOOD IN THE FIRST HALO GAME!

Thanks for the fave on One Step at a Tem!

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