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Aotrs Commander (or to give him his correct rank in the Army Of The Red Spear, Commadore Bleakbane (he's been promoted since he started using that moniker) or just Bleakbane or "the Lich" to what passes for his friends) is a Lawful Evil, megalomanical, omnicidal spirit-bound space-Lich (which is to say, he works in Space on the Aotrs sector station Bleak Despair), who happens to have a keen interest in Pony and a starship obsession. (Stranger things have happened.) Due to a series of events too far complex to relate, thanks to the Giant in the Playground forum's ponythread, now composed of a sort of mithril alloy rather than bone, which he is quite happy about.

His record on fanfics is amazing, for a given value of "amazing", having writing three whole very short fanfics (only one of which is Pony) in twelve years.

He can also talk for hours about himself in the third person, because he's just that awesome and also because he suffers a bit from Lich racial monologuing tendancy, so he probably ought to stop now, else he'll be at this for simply ages.

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Fireworks Are Scary · 12:26am Nov 1st, 2015

It is a fact that anyone who is in contact with me learns before very long - usually not long after the Lich thing, the starship obession[1] and my literally undying hatred for Vampires[2]. Jubilee is my favourite character in anything ever. She was singularly responsible for getting into not just the X-Men, but superheroes as a genera PERIOD, through medium of the 1990s X-Men animated series. The fact that, in recent years that they took her powers away and turned into a vampire is...

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Mine was the second comment that agreed with the first one that agreed the Princesses seemed to be ridiculously over-reacting (if, I had said, it was not some kind of show of the benefit of Spike's overreaction, which I said was entirely possible) and observed that exile, if genuinely applied, could be tantamount to a death sentence (dependant on where and how Spike was deported) considering how dangerous Equestria is and that the threat of such seemed rather out of character for both Princesses and Equestria over such a comparitively minor action. (I also noted that it would likely have been a poltically bad move if they had banished him because of the reaction of the Crystal Empire, and also ruminated whether Spike could have ended up there if he had been banished depending on whether the Empire was a vassal of Equestria or not). All of which I delivered in much the same tone as this post has been.

I can only imagine, then, the author read absolutes into my statements (and I try very hard to avoid absolutes and say "probably" and "very likely") and they were disheartened/offended because they actually had been writing as if the punishment for kissing Rarity without her consent was genuinely severe enough to warrent banishment.

(I mean, don't get me wrong, I would concur that if charges were pressed, it definitely constitutes sexual assault and punishment, but banishment as the default seems disproportionate in the extreme,)

If they were indeed offended enough to take the whole story down on the strength of just two non-positive but polite comments, I would have to observe that they would appear to be rather oversensitive to critism, as even on this site one should not expect nothing but praise for one's work.

Though, let us hope I am doing the author a disservice, and that they have taken the reception to heart and taken the story down while they consider a different way to approach it. It is certainly possible, and I would hope that this is the best possible case - the basic concept of the story had a great deal of potential. (One might oberve that if the section on exile had been removed, the actual punishment meted out (the no-touching spell) would perhaps have been a proportionate punishment, as it would be akin to something of a magical restraining order.)

What did you reply on the consent story? It seems they took the story down


Thank you!

My... artistic "talent" does not stretch even distantly to that quality though! (See blog posts...!) It was instead made for me by an extremely generous gentleman, PrinceAquilaDei, on my local ponythread (basically just for nowt[1]) a couple of years back. As you can imagine, I am extremely chuffed with it and I use it pretty much everywhere! I even have the full thing (because that's just the head portion of it, a full version is here http://imagizer-cv.imageshack.us/a/img864/2413/thankings.jpg) printed on a t-shirt, which I wear for special occasions (like wargames conventions).

[1]Well, technically, I was for me turning him into a Lich (because at its height, ponythread was ful of Shenanigans), but that's basically utterly trivial in comparison.

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