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Aotrs Commander

Magical Space Lich

Aotrs Commander (or to give him his correct rank in the Army Of The Red Spear, Commadore Bleakbane (he's been promoted since he started using that moniker) or just Bleakbane or "the Lich" to what passes for his friends) is a Lawful Evil, megalomanical, omnicidal spirit-bound space-Lich (which is to say, he works in Space on the Aotrs sector station Bleak Despair), who happens to have a keen interest in Pony and a starship obsession. (Stranger things have happened.) Due to a series of events too far complex to relate, thanks to the Giant in the Playground forum's ponythread, now composed of a sort of mithril alloy rather than bone, which he is quite happy about.

His record on fanfics is amazing, for a given value of "amazing", having writing three whole very short fanfics (only one of which is Pony) in twelve years.

He can also talk for hours about himself in the third person, because he's just that awesome and also because he suffers a bit from Lich racial monologuing tendancy, so he probably ought to stop now, else he'll be at this for simply ages.

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Bleakbane plays Rimworld Part I (37-40; Finale) · 9:52pm Oct 2nd, 2021

Part Thirty-Seven

Day Three-Hundred and Seventy-Six.

Right, then let's actually look at Lightcaller.


So, what does it... Do...?

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Nah, that seems fair enough if there’s some weirdos going to all that effort and you’ve got no way to differentiate who’s who. It’s a bit of a shame that likes/dislikes are anonymized since it does make this sort of confusion possible.


Had I just deleted my response, I fully expected one of other of you would have made an equally berating comment about how I was too afraid to engage with you or something, especially since I had tagged it as a reply. Krack-Fic Kai's post below certainly gave me that impression when he resorted to personal attacks, and I did, in fact, notice that two individuals* appear to have gone though the entire comment section to add downvotes to everything that was posted, by me or anyone else for the past seven years (which one might even categorise as "childish," perhaps, if they were being uncharitable); so - here is the point where I would normally say "you'll have to forgive me" but you won't, will you? - for expecting that sort of response.

I feel I must point out that there would be nothing stopping me blocking you and/or Krack-Fic Kai and deleting your posts here (and some people have in the past elsewhere taken umbridge at that I DON'T use those features). But I will not, because I do not believe in deleting such things brings any gain. You may, as I choose to do (and indeed have chosen to do even in typing this reply), choose to censor yourself after the fact, but I will not do to others as they would wish to do to me, but it let what is said stand or fall by what they speak unless they themselves decide otherwise.

*It may have you and Krack-Fic Kai; it may have been two completely different individuals, but I don't know and so I will grant you the politeness of not assuming.


That doesn’t make any sense. Talking about how you made a comment and then deleted it is not any better than just deleting it.


I had composed a response (at length) and posted it, but realised that in doing so, it would only attact more abuse, since you really don't care what I think or feel, so I have edited it and replaced it with this message, rather than delete it entirely and be accused of cowardise or something.

I'm going to move this out of the comment section of Daily Life of an Equestrian Monster Girl, because there's already a bunch of religious drama going on and that comment section is uncomfortable enough
Bitch, not only do you spend your time her role-playing as a made-up person, but you're all playing as the single lamest made up supernatural monster that will ever exist. I appreciate how you appropriately chosen to pretend to be a monster that dies if people stop paying attention to it, but stop pretending anyone has any reason to take you or your :raritycry: feelings :raritycry: seriously. You're just another 30 year old that never stopped being 15.

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