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If you happen to cry, I will be there. If you happen to smile, will you do the same for me?

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It happened! My Patreon has just gone live! :) · 4:40pm Apr 11th, 2018

Yay! :)

After months of deliberation, preparation, and shivering I finally went through with it and launched my Patreon. :)

As I mentioned before it’s for my original fiction only (at this point sci fi oriented), so if you’re ever curious you’re welcome to check it out :)

(Here are the covers of my current ongoing stories)

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I hope you are doing well in current affairs, thank you for all the stories you've written, or if fortunate enough, will write. I found Equestrian Fanfiction and love re reading it whenever I'm feeling down.

Still waiting for a continuation of orphaned dream

Just realized I haven't seen you post here in awhile. Hope things are well?

Thank you for the following. It's quite appreciated.

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