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Rainbow Dash and Twilight have a discussion about their favorite fictional character. However, the fictional character decides to join in.

Written for Rage Reviews’ FTP contest.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

So Rainbow's poor penmareship accidentally created a powerful rune that let's you converse with fictional characters, or in this particular case fictionalized versions of ponies.

...maybe a beta reader? Phrases like:

So that’s why you eat beagles

...may not be setting quite the scene you intended.

I would like to see a continuation of this, with both daring and cabelleron talking to twi and rainbow at the same time...hijinks are sure to ensue...


I don’t understand. What did Rainbow do?
And Daring eats dogs?

Raw is right. This is still disjointed at times, the ideas not always flowing cleanly. I definitely couldn't follow Twilight's last line of thought without reading the comments. And while people have mentioned the beagle/bagel issue, it bears repeating.

Still, the idea is neat. I hope you clean it up.

Going by the ending, it appears to work at one level of fictionality, both up and down.

Soylent green is puppies!

Thanks for the patience, all :) And yes, Raw means Raw :( I’ll clean it up (and add The missing segments). Stay tuned :D

Sensible chuckle

Sequel please.

This reminds me a bit of 'Inkheart'.
I like the idea, and it was fun to read. :)

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