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Prince Blueblood goes on a date with Rarity. Only he isn’t Blueblood, she isn’t Rarity, and then things get slightly complicated.

Written for Aragon’s comedy contest.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip and Blueshift for editing.

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All the changelings. :P

So is this a 'Cargo-Cult' relationship?

An amusing premise.

And one I could see being used in a larger story. Two changelings who constantly borrow other pony forms, are known to what is likely everyone, and not a lash is batted about it.

Entertaining premise, delightful execution. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

Now, then they'd be going out as Tom and Bloomberg. :raritywink:

Interesting, funny... but why?


Shhhh! You want the entire world to hear? :P

That’s what it was supposed to be :) A daily crack ship in which the pair try numerous combinations. If time allows I’ll get to that in April :)

Thanks, as always :) You too :) (must Fine time to read all other entries... O:))

:D To Find the answer you’ll have to wait till April... approx... ;P

Man...changeling dating is complicated. :rainbowlaugh:


Well, that was odd, although I do have to wonder what the backstory is here because it's not clear if the two changelings are dating themselves, practicing their skills, or just goofing off. It also opens up the question of how much time, if any, they spend as themselves because it's crystal clear they aren't exactly a secret which makes this whole thing stranger without the missing context. I assume you're going to fill in these (and other) holes in that future story you mentioned because as is this story wound up coming off as a chapter randomly ripped out of a longer story to me and was thus more or less nonsense.

It struck me as seeing a noodle incident in progress, and from the inside at that. I don't know that I'd want to read something like it again, and I doubt it would work for anything longer, but it was certainly fun!

My profound reaction to this is simply... "What?!" Congratulations I needed to resort to my cry erase board and magnets to make sense of what I was reading, due to how lost and confused I got over this entire story, just to realize I messed up by skipping over two paragraphs by accident!

Author Interviewer

My head. @_@ Are these the reformed changelings, then?

I uh, huh. Huh. Maybe I need to go watch a few more seasons. What even. Huh. My head @_@

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