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Life is tough in Equestria. Outside our borders are monsters of every shape and size. Inside, there are plenty of monsters, too, but they tend to come pony-shaped.

This is a group for those hard-boiled gumhoofs who write about mystery, crime, corruption, beautiful dames and thick-skulled thugs. Whether your story takes place in the dark heart of Manehattan or the windswept canyons of Dodge Junction, if it's noir, it belongs here.

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This group is deader than dead. Let me Frankenstein IT!

Why is this group not big? WHYYYYY is this group not big?!

Maybe it just needs more fics.

Just thought I'd look to see if there is a noir-ish group since my current fic is a noir-ish murder mystery :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! It's-a goin' up!

Love me some Chandler.

Welcome! I noticed that the site was lacking a group for us Raymond Chandler/Jim Butcher wannabes, so I figured I'd start one. Feel free to post your noir fics or recommendations!

Here's mine: Looking Glass, P.I: Coins and Crowns.

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