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A collection of high- and middling-quality pony fiction pertaining to mysteries, detectives, and all that hard-boiled nonsense. :heart: General suspense and espionage may be included in the future, as they hit a lot of the same buttons I associate with these stories.

Dark and General are what they say on the tin.

Holmesian is for crossovers, expies, and inspired characters of Sherlock Holmes.

Top Shelf is for my personal favorites.

Submissions is for user submissions, natch. Read the announcement here.

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I'm a writer devoted to mysteries and suspense.


You seem to be getting downvotes for accepting criticism... :rainbowhuh:

I'll look at it.

Decapitating Harmony is a private detective story with OC, Scroot Whinny, and his side kick, (also OC) Majesty Envoy, whom are contracted by Princess Celestia to find the missing Princess Twilight Sparkle.

I'm having a rough time finding critical feedback. So, I figured I'd reach out to some groups. Can I add my story to you guys?

I'm new to FIM fiction. How do you add stories?

When can I add stuff?

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