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Mysteries have always been many people's favorite genre of story. From Sherlock Holmes to MMMystery on the Friendship Express, people always love reading and writing a good mystery. What am I rambling on about?

We want you to write mysteries and post it in this group!

Join this group of you like mystery stories!


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This is sad. Of this genre, this group has the highest posted stories and it's still under 250 as of this date. I guess this isn't a popular genre.

Still, I got one for ya.

[Adult story embed hidden]

For those who want to be in the know, Reba now has a new chapter. Super props to anyone who can figure out who the Runemaster is, just saiyan.

Reba now has a new chapter, check it out.

Well, my story is fairly mystery centered: It revolves around Princess Luna and her search for the identity of the Runemaster. It is titled Reba

I'm not quite sure if my story fits the criteria for mystery, I mean there are very large mysteries in the story that are central to the plot and many other things, but it isn't the central story element. Should I post it?

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