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  • 65 weeks
    Backstory: A Lesson in Kindness

    I don't have much to say today... [There is a collective gasp, and two readers faint] So, this entry will be rather short. [Cheers and applause ring out]

    Anyway... moving on.

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  • 70 weeks
    Backstory: Little Filly Lost

    First, some context. The Dark Steel series is a spin off from The Quicksilver Chronicles. The private investigator Dark Steel is first mentioned in chapter 3 of One Of Us where he helps Quicksilver and Misty find a lost friend. Those events are retold from Steel's point of view in Dark Steel. That story is followed by

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  • 78 weeks
    Backstory: The Painless Murders

    In the story One of Us I introduce a private detective, Dark Steel, that Quicksilver and Misty hire to help them find Tinker Cob. He was a fun character, but didn't get nearly enough screen-time. So I decided to tell the story of the search for Tinker from his point-of-view. That story because Dark Steel and I talked about it's genesis in a previous blog:

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  • 82 weeks
    Backstory: The Alchemist, part 2

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  • 83 weeks
    Backstory: The Alchemist, part 1

    The genesis of this story goes back to 2016, long before I'd ever watched the first episode of FiM (early 2020). At that time, I saw a piece of artwork showing a wizard walking. That's it. Just walking with his staff and a cape billowing out behind him. Something about that image inspired me to figure out who he was and why he was in a rush to get somewhere. So I started writing. I stopped the story at just over 4k words with notes about where I wanted to go next. I never got back to it,

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The Quicksilver Chronicles

The Quicksilver Chronicles is a series of stories that follow the adventures of Quicksilver, a unicorn alchemist, and his wife Misty, a pegasus botanist. They are generally action/adventure stories spiced up with a dash of slice-of-life or a pinch of romance. These are listed in the published order.

EHigh-Water Mark
Two visiting researchers are thrust into a life-and-death situation in a flooded earth pony settlement. Will their skills be enough to rescue residents before the raging waters of the Neighagra River wash them away?
bkc56 · 18k words  ·  51  2 · 557 views
EThe First Adventure
There’s a fine line between friendship and obsession. Can three best friends overcome a growing rift between them, or will it destroy their relationships and perhaps their lives?
bkc56 · 10k words  ·  32  3 · 278 views
EOne of Us
A couple need help finding a friend who went missing in the aftermath of the invasion of Canterlot. The problem? Their friend may not want to come back.
bkc56 · 13k words  ·  47  3 · 523 views
EA Mare in the Wilderness
You don’t find an unconscious mare in the wilderness, well, ever. So, why is she here, and more importantly, what is she hiding?
bkc56 · 6.1k words  ·  28  1 · 295 views
EThe Alchemist
A millennium ago, a master alchemist took on a new apprentice. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge proved his instincts correct. And the skills she learned will one day be all that stands in the way of a plot against Princess Celestia herself.
bkc56 · 22k words  ·  27  1 · 261 views

Dark Steel

In the story One of Us, Quicksilver and Misty hired a private investigator by the name of Dark Steel to help them. That led to the the experimental story Dark Steel to explore the events from his perspective. I was encourage to write more with him which led to the spin-off series (with more stories on the way). These are listed in the published order.

EDark Steel
You wanna hear about a case I should have never taken? It all started when this couple walked into my office with a problem. It seemed fairly easy and straightforward, until they told me what they were hiding...
bkc56 · 10k words  ·  31  0 · 265 views
TThe Painless Murders
Every private investigator gets the occasional case that requires their every skill to solve. And if they slip up, a pony’s life will be ruined. This was such a case, and I was not going to let that pony down.
bkc56 · 16k words  ·  31  1 · 253 views
TLittle Filly Lost
When the wagon wheel of Canterlot bureaucracy rolled over me, I found myself out of work and out of options. The last thing I needed was to find a little filly lost in the rain late one night. Or, perhaps, it was exactly what I needed.
bkc56 · 21k words  ·  50  2 · 509 views

Stand Alone Stories

These are stories that are not part of either The Quicksilver Chronicles or the Dark Steel spin-off series. So they are either stand-along stories, or contest entries.

EA Lesson in Kindness
Fluttershy had seen a lot of strange things in the Everfree Forest, but never something like this.
bkc56 · 8.5k words  ·  73  2 · 1.2k views
ETea With a Slice of Pity
Starlight bares her soul in the hopes of receiving some badly needed sympathy. She should have known better.
bkc56 · 1000 words  ·  130  5 · 1.2k views
ELa Femme Fatale
I could tell a lot about a client just by watching them walk into the office. This one was trouble.
bkc56 · 1000 words  ·  23  1 · 209 views

The Quicksilver Chronicles Timeline

This shows the chronological reading order for the Quicksilver Chronicles (which varies some from the published order). Many of the stories follow specific episodes in the series. The numbered episodes are the various Hearths Warming Eve episodes and mark the passage of years.

The First Adventure
S01E01 - Friendship Is Magic
High Water Mark
1 - S02E11
02E25 - A Canterlot Wedding
One of Us
Dark Steel
S05E01 - The Cutie Map (Our Town)
A Mare in the Wilderness
2 - S05E20
The Alchemist
S05E25 - The Cutie Re-Mark
A Divergent Path
The Last Day
3 - S06E08
S06E25 - To Where and Back Again
My True Self
4 - S08E15
S08E23 - Sounds of Silence
Roots From the Past
5 - S08/09

Artwork by RavenSunArt https://www.deviantart.com/ravensunart

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It was an interesting idea, and I liked how it tied into the series (although I barely remember the episode with that scene). It did seem to drag just a bit, like there just wasn't enough story to go with the sci-fi idea being explored.

I liked the bit with best pony (Starlight) helping with the spells.

Thanks for checking out Iteration! What were your thoughts on it, if I may? :twilightsmile:

It pleases me that you added Drake and the Tantalizing Crystal to your library. :moustache:

Edit: And also Zipp Wears a Furtight Bodysuit.

Howdy howdy, and thank you for adding How to throw yourself at the ground and miss to your bookshelves!

Thanks for adding The Dictator to your bookshelf!

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