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Ever Have One of Those Episodes You're Really Looking Forward to Seeing and Then You See It And It's Crap? · 4:40pm May 1st, 2016

Thanks a lot for yesterday's episode, Nick. Can't wait to see how you'll chimp out when you start getting criticized on Twitter over it.

Once again, we take something that contains a great concept, but wonky execution. The last episode I can remember Nick Confalone writing was "What About DIscord?", which was shit in a bean can. This episode is beans. Not even the Bush's Baked kind, either: the store-brand variety where it tastes more like salt than beans.

Anyway, the idea of Starlight being forced by Twilight to go make new friends is an interesting one. On the one hoof, it highlights Twilight's shortcomings on being a teacher: I mean, really, Twi, why are you forcing someone to go make a friend THIS early in her studies on friendship, and in such a way that would make ANYone feel forced, uncomfortable, and stressed?

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Thank you for the watch, and see you around!

Thx for the watch!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding 'No' to your favorites!

Hey, sorry I've been so quiet but it's been Super Happy Hell Time at work (The most wonderful time of the year!), so I've been pretty drained. Suffice to say, I'll let you know the first thing I have something :)

(BTW, I love your new avatar. I recently got Risky's Revenge on Steam and I loooove it.)

2011037 I see. I might know how it feels when it comes to adding OC in some stories, but I guess you're one of those people who finds it hard to do so I'm not mad about it. That's all I wanted to ask. Well good luck on the future chapters on it (NO MORE PONIES [My Little Pony x NO MORE HEROES]) then, Brony_File! :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

(Note: I did add this to my favorites, but toke it off and placed it to my "Read Later" List. I hope you understand. :twilightsheepish: :twilightsmile:)

  • Viewing 100 - 104 of 104
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