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holy heck doccular is alive wtf


Princess Luna still feels alone, nineteen years after her return to Equestria . But when she finds a friend in an online game, everything seems better. She can be herself without worrying about what others think, and she can finally talk to another pony, even if he never knows who she really is.

Celestia is worried about her sister, especially right now. Upcoming peace talks with a powerful new nation mean that all the Princesses need to be completely ready. With her Luna so absorbed in a fantasy world, she wonders how she'll make it through the harrowing weeks to come.

Button Mash feels like a failure. He's still living at home, he still can't find work that can use his degree from the university, and he still feels alone. His friends are getting married, starting families, and thriving in their careers. On the plus side, he plays games regularly, and his best friend is a mare, even if she doesn't know his name. He hopes that his upcoming vacation to Canterlot might help his mindset.

But, unbeknownst to all of them, a sinister web within a dark plot threatens to ensnare Equestria... And Luna may be the only one able to stop it.

She may face it alone, or maybe she'll have some help from her knight in faded armor...


Cover art credit to yamashta. Link here.

Preread by -TGM- and Goldenwing

Edited by m1ntf4n, PheonixStarr, Wing, and the_Doc, and Swan Song, and Orion Caelum.

Follows canon up to about season 4 or so. I'm not sure when everything went off the rails, but it was originally as true as possible when initially written.

Link to the Discord chat HERE!

Chapters (42)
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This just in: Luna spends all her life on an MMO and isn't even a major guild leader.
What a filthy pleb.

....An odd concept. Good intro to explore a lot of what comes with game addictions. And a "pairing" i've certainly never seen before. This has the potential to be very good, and the potential to be an absolute disaster. Lets see what you can do with it =D

I like this. I'll reserve my upvote and favorites until later, but I'll stick this in my Tracking.


Probably a disaster :raritywink: :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the comment!


Thanks! I hope to earn that thumb and favorite!

The prologue really got my attention, definitely interested in reading more.

I'm loving it and I can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:


Those were actually two out of the three biggest inspirations for the game! Twelve points to Griffindor for you!

This looks like it's going to be good.
Can't wait 'till the next update!

K... I won't lie... you have successfully hooked me. Like... that description was a hook and as soon as I read it you jammed it into my mouth and said "Come with me" I will be watching this. Get ready for a review by the end. :pinkiecrazy:


Woo! I'm ready! I'm glad that you liked it!

I really enjoyed that prologue. Nicely done!

Who said I'm refreshing the page every 1.3 seconds? Because I'm not, that is not a thing I'm do-*click*-ing

>Not playing Dark Souls or Bloodborne
>Implying I can respect this pathetic plebian.

In all seriousness, though, I love the description and will read it later in the day once I'm off work.

this book is 8/10 so far. I can't wait for more.



Very soon, actually. :P

Ooooo.. dramatic. :3

Comrade General Chaput allowed a slight smirk to grace his beak as he looked down at the checklist which adorned his table. With a quill plucked from his own wing he went down the list.
>Drinking red wine? Check!
>Listening to classical music? Check!
>Playing a metaphorical chess game? Check!
>Looking out a window in a dark tower surrounded by weary villagers? Check!
>Making cryptic statements to himself? Check!
>Reading cryptic letters? Check!

"Yes," the Comrade General thought to himself. "Soon I will be the most evil character of them all."

Luna's going to meet someone she met online... Don't they teach you at school NOT to meet people you meet online? This can't end well...:unsuresweetie:
Great story! I give a moustache.:moustache:

P.S, MOAR!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:


In her defense, she probably didn't learn much about the internet in school. :derpytongue2:

But she's more than 1000 years old... Then again, they didn't have computers 1000 years ago...

Chaput shall DIE!!!!! :flutterrage: I hope Luna survives in this story...

Don't answer that. No spoilers, after all, right?

Comment posted by The_Equestrian_Emperor deleted Jul 30th, 2015

This is a gaming story. This is the first gaming story I've read. Did you see the bannana confetti?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Interesting. I'll be seeing where this is going.

Chaput? Funny name. How do you pronounce it?


It's all so clear to me now.

I do believe I see a Stalin and Lenin analogue with Dmitri and Knotted Pines, respectively. Perhaps not exact, but I see a bit of something there.

Also, calling it now, everything will end up in a hard-won peace until the crazy Griffon woman shoots someone, likely a main character.

Oh, and what precisely are the tech levels? Modern? Medieval? Steampunk, gearpunk, dieselpunk? Clarification!

Furthermore, you have now achieved my upvote.

Luna thinks with portals, do you?


Woo! I'm glad I earned that vote from you!

There may be some historical parallels with the characters just due to the nature of the subject matter, but I wouldn't look too deeply into it.

Well, crazy griffon women are crazy, after all!

As for the tech levels, I think it's somewhere in between WWII and Modern for different types of technology. They have some very advanced computers, great skill with medicine and such, but their guards still use spears. Why? Because bullets don't really do much against a magic user who can cast a spell that slows all objects entering the field. Guns may be powerful, but magic means that other tactics can be needed sometimes. Tanks may be powerful, but when your enemy can teleport inside at a moment's notice, that power becomes drastically reduced. This leads to very unorthodox strategies, and it has also led to a very different military development, technology-wise.

From a writing standpoint, I don't really want to nail down an exact tech level for anything. I'd rather allow the story to define the technology than the other way around. Would griffon airships be cool and further the plot? Then sure, they have airships. What about a space program? If they have computers like this, can't they go to the moon? Maybe. Does it further the plot? Who knows! I'll probably just make up the technology as I go until I get a better vibe for what meshes with the different nations. Until then, we'll get to see lots of cool things!



One of my favorite games of all time, if you hadn't noticed :raritywink:


"griffon airships"


If you ever introduce that, instant favorite. I love well-done airships.

Furthermore, the logic of griffons having airships would be interesting; they are a flying race, so they would be uniquely suited to crew ships in the sky. I suppose one could also say that Equestria never developed airships because they have unicorns, and as such rely on their magic more than the sky-only griffons. In the Immortality's End AU, I gave the Equestrians airships because of a terrorist attack by the changelings and subsequent war with the first Queen of the Changelings, a bit after Nightmare Moon, but I suppose you can justify Griffonia having airships because of "shock and awe" and their presumed blitzkrieg tactics to take over the countries you had said they had taken over.

...I'll shut up now.


Well, I was actually planning on having airships, and this just confirms the plan! I love the concept of any Naval type of warfare, be it sea, air, or land. Plus, airships are just friggin' cool.

I would totally play that game that Luna has. Heck, I would pay for it to be on Steam!

A Button-Luna Gameventure...

Please be a long story that updates frequently! *flippers crossed*

A knight in shining armour has never had his mettle tested.


I was bored.

Crickets chirped in the darkness, the hoots of owls echoed off the forest trees, and fire crackled at the edges of one's hearing. In all respects, it was a relatively peaceful night- until the frustrated exclamation of a pony sounded through the dark.

"For Celestia's sake, Green, how do you do that? There's another four-of-a-kind!"

The Royal Guard mentioned simply leaned back on his log, a self-satisfied smile on his muzzle. "Not my fault you keep playing to lose, Twit."

Twit narrowed her eyes at Green, her expression holding a long-cultivated distaste. "For the last time, my name's not Twit, it's Bluebird Twitter. Call me Bluebird if you want to shorten it." Her gaze flicked to the side, to the big red stallion sitting at the head of the improvised circle of logs around the campfire. "Don't be so sure you've won yet. Who knows, Mac might surprise us?"

A slow smile passed across Mac's face, and he swept his hoof across the table, revealing cards emblazoned with the Cutie Marks of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Princess Twilight, and Captain Shining Armor. "Eeyup."

A loud thump was heard as Green fell off his log in surprise. Bluebird, on the other hand, opened her mouth to either complain about cheating or sigh, but she closed it again as she heard something at the very edges of her hearing. Her ears pricked straight up, and her head swiveled a bit to the left, wings spreading slightly in an automatic activation of an ancient flight-or-fight response. As Green picked himself up from the wet grass and Mac collected all the cards and began shuffling them back into a deck, Bluebird decided to mention what she heard. "Hey, did any of you hear that? Sounded kind of like early-morning thunder, maybe... a mile away?"

Green snorted, some of his composure already regained. "You weather pegasi and your mysterious weather skills. Next you'll be telling me that there's a single Breezie fluttering its wings seventeen miles away or something."

Bluebird rolled her eyes. "No, really. I think I see something now, too. See? It's a bit... I don't know, it's too dark for me to see much. Maybe it looks like a lance, but cut in half?"

Green shrugged, already moving to collect his food tin to clean it before he went to sleep. "Listen, it's none of our concern. Our battalion was asked to patrol the border with the New Griffon Republic, and we were sent to patrol this part. It's probably just one more thing the higher-ups at Canterlot sent down when they realized a single battalion can't hold the border by themselves. Buck me if I know what it is..."

Big Mac simply patted Bluebird on the shoulder with one hoof, as if to say "You've got this." He then proceeded to walk off into the wilderness with a lantern, likely to check on the traps they had set before settling down for the night.

Bluebird sighed and ran a hoof through her mane, then turned back to the campfire and sat heavily on her log. "I'unno. Maybe I am seeing things... but I still have watch tonight, it looks like." She scuffed at the ground with her forehoof. "Again." She looked up, checking the sky for that weird shape.

It wasn't where it was when she checked, and then she felt- and heard- a massive wave of air push up her mane and send it a-flutter, the rumbling of thunder inanely loud now. Looking up to find the cause, Bluebird saw the lance shape right above her- now revealed to be a rather utilitarian but aerodynamic ship, which was... flying? On its sides was crudely painted a black tower on a red field, which she barely picked up- even with sharp pegasus eyes- before it roared by, bound for who knows where. Blue stood and turned towards the tents, only to see Mac and Green looking in the same direction as her, the former with his trademark maul, the latter with a simple sword.

Green stopped to consider where it was going for a moment, and then the thought finally popped into his head. He started, and then made an abrupt about-face, heading for the dragonfire communication scroll-container. Bluebird was the first to catch up to him, with those pegasus wings of hers, and she looked at him for a moment.

Green spoke, already writing on the supplied scroll in sloppy ink hoofwriting. "Battalion HQ. That's where the... ship... was heading!" Bluebird's eyes widened sharply, and she turned to Mac, who had already doused the campfire and was now taking down the tents. She flew to help him, but it was too late.

Through the trees echoed a otherworldly screech, one which froze the blood in the very veins of any pony who heard it.

A griffon hunting cry.

PS: I left the description of the airship intentionally vague, as I don't know which type of airship you're planning to use.


Wow, that's very nice! I may be able to use that in the fic later, if you don't mind. Or, at least, I could use those characters!



I don't mind at all; in fact, I'm honored. :twilightblush:

For your information, Mac is Big Macintosh the apple farmer from canon, Bluebird is Bluebird Twitter the weather team coordinator, and Green is Green Foliage the sarcastic landscaper. (Yes, that's his job description. Heck, that was in the wanted ads: Need landscaper who is very snide. Will pay well.)

New chapter is about 80% done! I want to publish tonight, but I need another set of eyes! Anyone interested in prereading?



And here I was, all ready to go to sleep...

~Who needs sleep anyway~


I'll take that as a yes, haha.

PM'ing you.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lack of human or anthro in this story.


Yeah, I never do either of those. Ponies are ponies are ponies when I'm writing the fic. :raritywink:

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