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Amethyst Breeze and Ember are two detective mares who recently established a Private Investigator's office in Ponyville. Low on funds, the two mares take almost any job, so long as it pays. However, when things in Ponyville start getting turned upside down, literally, the two mares discover that they may have bitten off more than they can chew...

A collaboration between myself and TGM. Cover art by the amazing Photonicsoup. Now avaliable in re-edited technicolor glory courtesy of Royal Guard prereaders NightWolf289 and GaryOak and EqD prereader 63.546.

Special thanks to Derpator and RainbowBob for prereading! Cudos to FluttersIsShy for showing us off in Megamane! And millions of huggles to haru for the amazing Japanese translation! Check them all out! They're awesome and you won't regret it!

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Are the comments broken? Let's find out!

Edit: Guess not! YOU LIED TO ME, TGM!

nice story i admit i was interested in the concept of it

Why doesn't this have more views? This is a great setup, and after reading that first chapter, I'm liking those OCs. Although I constantly had to remind myself which one was Ember and which one was Amethyst. Looking at the cover, it's pretty obvious now. They have a great connection in this, I thought, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other mishaps they get involved in. Will Ember seduce someone? ...I'm actually hoping she will, crazy as I am.

Overall, looking forward to more. Put it in my favourites to keep track.

This needs more views. Overall, 10/10 for the both of you guys. I honestly love Ember in this, can't wait to see the 1st chapter for the story!

Awesome work already. I'm still thinking that this "villain" will be named Frank or something like that. :derpytongue2: But I can't wait for the second part whatsoever. I kept on a stupid grin when I was reading this, I was just wanting more. Keep up the awesome work, Teegee and Doc!

Test comment! Or is it just TGM?


Only TG. I tested it when I first posted the story too. :twilightoops:


Waifu why did you block me?! :raritydespair:


I so sorry waifu! Never again shall I do so!!!:fluttershbad:

Interesting. My vote is undecided, but I'll see where this is going.


Thank you for your time prereading this! We're currently in the process of doing revisions/edits, so we apologize for the mistakes and such. They should all be fixed in a day or two.





A very well-done story, I do hope that a new chapter is in the future.

:raritywink: "I need you to tail a dragon"
:twilightsheepish: "That Dragon already has a tail"
:moustache: "My tail is being tailed"
:eeyup: "We all have tails"
:derpytongue2: " I just don't know what went wrong"
:coolphoto: "Ve outa Here"

:rainbowhuh:" Like my tail?"

:flutterrage: "YES"

I am too tired to leave anything funny or original, sorry. But the interactions between Amethyst and Ember are hilarious! Looking forward to future updates!

“You’re right. This flank is just too sexy and tempting. Better to seduce Pinkie instead.”

That's awesome.

Awwwww now I have to wait.

5416674 I understand, man.

You know, I've decided I hate Ember.

I can't wait for Amethysts to dump her sorry ass and have life kick Ember in the teeth like she deserves.

Glad TGM told me about this, the interaction between them is hilarious.


We share in your agony...

I was playing a silly game of "keep-away tag" with my nephews and nieces this weekend (aged 3, 3, and 4). I imagine "Frank" feels the same way about Amethyst and Ember what with the massive difference between their respective ages and magical ability.

Over and over, Ember kept revealing more maks.

That word is not in my dictionarisaurus...


Haha, I bet! Thanks for the catch, too!


This was amazing.

You never fail with this. Great job, enjoyed every word of it! Can't wait for the final part!

How does this story only have 57 likes?! Needs moar.
Wonderfully funny. While I generally dislike romace in fics, Ember and Roseluck are freakin adorable in this.
Can't wait to read the next part :pinkiehappy:


Done! And it only took us almost a whole year! :D

That picture is killing me and I have no idea why.

Is the cover picture supposed to be upside down or is it on purpose? :applejackconfused:



Yes, it is done on purpose.

Reference to the conflict in the story, which is everything getting turned upside down.


Oh, I see, I see. Alright then. At first I thought it was a mistake or something. :twilightsheepish:

Sad to see it end, glad to know it has a sequel in the works.

Wow. That end is touching. And it sets up so much backstory. It's amazing. I love it.

I hate this. I hate it soooooo much and do you know why? THIS STORY IS TOO GOOD!

Damn this story and damn you if you don't write another for me to hate and favorite!

Wonderful conclusion. The bond between Amethyst and Ember is very nicely done. At the same time you've set up some definite curiosities from their backstories. I am really curious just what this event was that so scarred Ember...and how it relates to this increasing ugly debt that Amethyst is paying off.

Oooh, more of this, nice. I can't wait for the next story of this two crazy mare :)

Yeah I'm gonna need to read the next one when it comes out, no way can I stop here

Through most of this story, I wasn't sure whether or not it would deserve a favorite, but this ending... this ending did it. There is power in this epilogue. Congrats, author, you have me hooked.

Time Turner’s Hourglass Repair,

How the heck would you know if someone flipped over their entire stock?

i was tricked into coming here... ill read it anyway... your move doc... your move...

Well. That was oddly satisfying. I'll have to actually read the rest of this tomorrow.


Woo! Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

“—and then I asked her out for lunch. Ember. You and me. Lunch. Today. Wanna go?”

This fandom has lesbians on the brain. :ajsmug:

I can't tell if Twilight is being foreshadowed as the perp or set up as a red herring.

Hey Doccular I know its been a while since I started on this one but anyway here's a link to that painting of Ember I got your permission for about a year ago. Sorry this took so long I was putting of posting this and some of my other art for a really long time. Procrastinators Unite tomorrow I suppose

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