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Sometimes, a mare just needs to climb a tree and stay there for hours and hours and hours on end. Octavia does not find this amusing, however. On the eve of her big audition for the Royal Canterlot Symphony, she needs her sleep. Unfortunately for her, Vinyl has the keys to their apartment, and she just won't get down from her darned tree.

It's going to be an interesting night... But maybe not for the reasons Octavia suspects.

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LOL. This could take place in a real MLP episode. 11/10 for quality.

Fimfic's Italic system can be pretty tedious, can't it?

Youneed to fix your Italics,[/]i I think.


Whoops! Thanks for that!

Good one Docc, so she ended up still in the tree.

So their origins are more light hearted than expected, mooooooon

Ponies up trees? Speaking from experience:


Awww. :rainbowkiss:

Damnit Docc! Another well written piece featuring best pones. And in a tree no less!

Best story about ponies in a tree I've ever read.

6903195 I don't think it's really a big achievement, is it?

I approve of your friendshipping (instead of shipping). Faved and upvoted.

6903419 Who cares? It's something :rainbowlaugh:

My first thought was, "why doesn't she just tell Vinyl to throw the keys down?" That might be why I don't have many close friends.

Nice story, but there's one tiny thing you may want to edit. At one point, you use a period instead of a question mark.

“Vinyl, what’s wrong.

Unsure if high or actually sitting in a tree.

This was a nice, cute little thing. I stumbled across it completely by accident and was expecting it to be obligatory Octav-3 shipping (which isn't the worst thing in the world). Still, I was pleasantly surprised to see this. It was interesting, and a dimension of the relationship that I don't see very often (although, if I'm being honest, I might have just avoided it all this time). There are some short bits and pieces that feel a little rough and raw, but it doesn't detract from the story much (if at all). And the way Vinyl behaved was kind of weird, but not disgusting. Particularly the repetition of "mooooooon". Not bad, just odd.

Have a like, fave, and a follow.

If I get the chance, this will be my form of torture. *Giggles* The moooooooooon.

When I found this fic I was expecting Vinyl to be like, "I;m scared of heights that's why I'm not coming down," sort of thing.

what heartless bastard downvoted?!? :flutterrage:

lol 117 likes


It's like 8:30 my sister is asleep for college but I am so very tempted to wake her up and ask if she wants to look at the mooooooon

10/10 from 2017 👍

ALRIGHT, there's something I need to get off my chest here. I personally LOVE this story. My fav ship + the atmosphere = major points on my behalf. But...there's something else. This story hits home for me on a personal level. In fact, one of my greatest fears is the thought of being left behind while all my friends move on and become successful. After reading this story I couldn't help but compare it to my own current struggles. I realized a couple things and in the end, this story helped me overcome that daunting fear that was once hurting me in the back of my mind at the thought alone. All I can say is, THANK YOU! Keep up the great work and +extra points for including Octascratch even though they weren't being shipped in the story. Still Love it!!!

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“Of course not!” Vinyl laughed bitterly. “You’re just doing what I would be doing if I could. You’re succeeding. Moving on up. Gettin’ famous, becoming a big shot. I can’t hold that against you. I can’t hold you down. If it’s a choice between me and your dreams, you’ve gotta go with your dreams.”

did somepony say,,,,, BIG SHOT?!?!?!?!

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